Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon ep 10: The battle begins

And so the battles begin... Lately, the director has done a good job of narrating the story. And he better be, since the story gets much less complicated.

Toussaint Neshinbara is our strategist

There isn't much to the episode except fighting and I'm not good at doing long posts for one episode so I'll just talk about what me.

First off, I'm sure I'm not the only one who hates the fact that Aoi toori acted like a complete ass in this episode. He goes head on towards the enemy and breaks the teams formations. Then relies on everyone else to protect him. Now that's a bad thing since he ain't doing anything nor does he look like he knows what he's doing. (-.-") I wished he was more then this, you know, just as how they implied his strenght in the opening song...

Adele Balfette, the steel wall

Margot Knight (right) and Malga Naruze (left)

A god of war vs two Technohexen, Margot Knight and Malga Naruze. A well orchestrated fight, but lets head on to the end of that battle...

Good job!

Nuff said eh? Yeah, nice fan service there. Quite unexpected though. Btw Verwandlung is German for metamorphosis. Weissfloren means white magician while Schwarzfloren mean black magician. Now Imma go out on a limb here and guess Zweifloren means dual magician?! Either way we got a Maho-shoujo scene here.


Just though I'd say this but Testament Union is also known as Tres Espania.

Tomo Asama our shrine maiden.

Conclusion: Here we get to see more of how magic spells are casted and used. And to me its very new, lovin' it...a lot. I just wish Aoi did something awesome or will do something awesome and the Devs are just saving the best for last.

But then again this series is just pulling out 13 episodes. Which to me is underestimating the anime, since its actually an awesome series.