Last Exile: Fam 06 - Race Time!

She is pointing the wrong way D:

This was an awesome episode. Full of traps, racing, and betrayal; What more could you want? A change from the slow pace the anime has been taking as of late, it would be nice if it kept going on like that. Still, they are spending more time revving up the background plot with the Federation  conquering the world. They need to fight back at one point rather then just building up forces.

Very clear this episode that she is nothing but a puppet ruler. Her ideals are pure and pushing for the good of the nation but the eyepatch guy has another agenda. I think by the end of this anime she will be killed when people think she is behind everything; A sacrificial lamb for the masses. Though that is leaning on grim stories, more likely Fam Fan Fan will come save her.

This was actually a very strong tactic. By spreading the word that the princess is alive, this will already give hope of a future for the nation. Still, this will only work of the people still believe in the princess or the Federation treats them poorly and they want to revolt anyways. Either way, the idea of a rebellion is all they need to make things much harder for the Federation to govern them.

This is going to be foreshadowing for future events when she declines to follow Fam in. Going to be a super reckless situation and a big falling out between best friends, I look forward to it. She is way too good a navigator and being held back by Fam. Her awesome navigating is helping Fam think she is really the good one; Delusions of grandeur.

So this does confirm the existence of other nations. All of them are pretty small which is probably why they didn't jump into the fight with Turan. They got what they deserved, a slaughtering. Nothing like wiping out the old government in the shadows to replace it with a new one. At least they tried to be diplomatic and save themselves, even if it doesn't work when you declare truce with a larger nation that can crush you at any moment.

So they are the collective of other royal families that abandoned their nation. Fitting that she would want the princess, I mean, who else would want her? The battleship they were wagering for should be worth more one battleship, that seemed like high class one. It was as large as the Sylvius which could only mean it has some heavy firepower behind it.

We had an awesome race to see the harpoon skills and a smaller ship actually work in their favour. All those other ships in the race were so much larger, I was wondering why they used such a small one, now it makes sense. Having that small frame was necessary for a turn using the harpoon like that. Still funny how no one bet on her, what great crewmates they were.

Dat bottom left pic!

After an epic race, it made a nice episode. They timed that flashback with the princess well. Hopefully the fighting starts soon, that would kick everythign into gear. For now, things are looking good again for this show. I still wonder where they could stash so many ships they already stole already. That means they have a super secret operational base they work out of. Maybe we will even get to see said base!