Ben-To 07 - Nothing Like a Pool Episode!

Oh ya baby, what an awesome pool episode! I am just loving this anime, this episode was well done, bringing battling even to the pool. The blatant fanservice doesn't even bother me when they do things this good; The humour and plot just mix in perfectly. It has been so long since they actually melded the two together so well, I am really hoping this show sells well and gets a second season; One cour doesn't do it justice.

So on the train ride there, anyone else notice they were playing Big Two? Btw: WTF is with that wiki, I live in Canada and have NEVER heard it called "The hannah game". A game to live by, I played this growing up during every lunch period. Then you got those guys the decide to change the rules to 3s, 7s and one eyed jacks are wild now. I wish I was joking, everything started to becomes jokers with some of the people that played.

At least we learn what happened to the lost ticket. For someone that is suppose to be unlucky, she sure has some great luck with things. Picking up a free ticket and slept on a truck That conveniently took her to the right place. It was amusing watching her spread her bad luck to everyone else though. I guess that is her only real role in this anime, spreading her awesome luck.

They really hyped up all the meals. Watching this episode made me pretty hungry as they explained how amazing the bentos were. Battling it out in the different environment was perfect. It gave the show the chance to expand the battleground to be slightly different and how they could make use of the change in scenery. I always enjoyed their fist slinging ways regardless.

We finally get an explanation of how all their names came to be. It was nice to find out that it wasn't meant to sound kool, it was made to mock them. That was a nice interesting twist to see that. At least I was spot on about the main character getting a name he would hate, though it was pretty easy to predict. Shaga's story was the best though, a nice twist to a name that sounded kinda elegant.

As short as it was, it was nice to finally see Ume back. That rudder power he had was way too powerful, combined with the jets from the pool; Size does matter sometimes! I still wish she would become a wolf, she would win every time; She is one hit KOing him. To bad it was just a few passing shots, not even a full body shot to paste together made me sad.

So we are finally getting some new characters next episode. The two twins that got a brief moment this episode. Hopefully they will be just as awesome as the rest of the cast. It is rare, but I am liking pretty much the whole cast. They each add their individual flare to the episode which is nicely welcomed. I can't wait for more episodes of this, hopefully even a season two; This show just has so much potential.