Last Exile: Fam 05 - Proper Maid Outfit Leveraging

Well this episode was a bit better then the lacking pace of late; Only slightly better though. This is seriously feeling like they are twisting the slice of life genre with a bit of flying airships rather then being a plot heavy anime. I mean, a majority of this episode was still spent watching the princess run around in a maid costume. I am quickly feeling like this anime's intention was to have a more relaxed feel to it rather then keeping things wound up.

I knew it, best girl by far in this show. She is just modest and letting Fam get all the glory. That is one awesome memory, the better question is, how she even obtained this information to begin with? I mean, it would take some extreme memory ability to remember about family trees and the ships and to be up to date.  I don't see her reading newspapers enough during this show to be so up to date with the info. A bit fishy but I'll let it slide since I like her most.

On a technicality, yes this is true. That is why you got those random nations like Sealand . Just because you establish it, doesn't mean anyone will recognize it. With Turan being annexed, they are pretty much gone for good. The only way would be a rebellion within to recognize that they want to be separate. Judging from what the loli ruler said a few episodes ago, I doubt they will want to. A Pipe dream for a princess that knows nothing of the world.

As funny and humorous as this was, it only further increases my hated for her character. Her job is nothing but fanservice for the audience while accomplishing nothing. It was obvious Dio lead all of them to the Sylvius now, as I predicted. A war to be built up between them and the federation, I think the exile ship will be integral in their war. Sending Fam to capture ships is just a bid to improve her skills further for future battles.

She seriously isn't capable

I think I am losing hope in this becoming fast paced. They seem to like to keep things nice and mellow throughout this whole anime. Things just feel too slice of life in this show at the moment. Replace airships with new songs and you got K-ON. Girls striving to get new songs and dancing around in maid outfits and even tea time. It just saddens me a bit that it doesn't seem to be as good as I hoped; It is still decent at least.