Gundam Age 06 - Haro is Secretly Evil

Is it wrong I was laughing throughout this episode at all the emoness that was being thrown around? I mean that picture frame falling over to symbolize the broken family, wow, I was laughing much harder then I should; I am just a horrible person. At least I realized why I bothered to watch this series, nothing like massive amounts of emo in your anime to make you laugh.

I still hate her, why is she still around? She makes it look like some crazy revealation to her that he wouldn't go with her. She has been stalking him and trying to get him to stop battling this whole time and suddenly he says no and she is shocked? *facepalmz* I mean, it is only natural to want to pilot the Gundam, something he has been yearning to do all his life. Why would he back down now?

Then you get Wolf looking to upgrade his machine. If it was that easy to make a machine better then the Gundam, wouldn't that have solved their UE problem long ago? I was under the assumption that makeing better technology was too hard. If his suit is magically super powered up, I'll be pretty angry. The UE is portrayed as untouchable, with them dropping like flies, where is the balance?

This anime is populated with geniuses. First you have Flint and that girl trying to get those shutters to open and then randomly the little girl gets above ground. If the battling has been for so long, wouldn't you make it slightly harder to get above ground? It should be nothing knew. How did she manage to get herself above ground in the first place unless the Haro lead her. Maybe the Haro is the secret villain!

 The Gundam shows up instantly after he asked for it, that was some speedy transportation. The UE randomly show up too, how the HELL did they know it was a new model?  They had nearly no records about them, for all they know, it is the oldest model. Either way, I think it is obvious what the UE are now. They are a bunch of genetically modified humans (read: Coordinators) given special machines to one day conquer everything. A pocket organization like the secret service gone rogue.

This was hilarious. How do you manage to get caught, you could easily just stomp all 5 of those suits and just leave.Way to get yourself caught. I am just enjoying all the emoness in this anime. Just kick back and laugh at how much emo they can stuff in one anime. I am looking forward to the destruction of the whole station because of their own battle amongst themselves. The only good point was watching the captain doing all his shady deals to get himself whatever he wants.