Ben-To 06 - A Battle Between Wolves

Well this was new, no hype up drawn out plot, just like the show has always been, nice and straight forward with punches flying everywhere. This show is just so great to kick back to. I guess I have gotten used to filler time that I have come to expect it. Still, this is one of the better shows this season because they keep a strong flow, action packed with some good humour bits.

We even get our flash back of the two strongest wolves. They say only a year passed but the girl looks very different in that one year gap. The reason for the war at least moved back to where it should be, wolves battling to be the best. The whole east VS west thing didn't make sense. It was nice to see that it was really just a grudge match and the guy wanted to prove he was the best wolf out there.

I was still surprised that the Ice Witch was slowed down by the lackeys. They seem to plow through them like nothing every episode, suddenly they pose a problem when they fight off screen? Either way, no one acknowledges you as the strongest unless they fight was 1 v 1 which wouldn't have been the case either way. Both sides used their lackeys to win. I just loved how the episode decided to battle for the final boxed food. The perfect illustration that they are wolves in the end. Even if they are allies outside the mart, they battle for the food amongst themselves.

The better question is how does he not have one yet. He has been owning people left and right. When you can beat wolves with names, you are already good enough to have one of your own. Knowing this anime, it will be a funny name that he will hate to be called. Btw: Not enough Ume lately makes me sad. Hoping for more Ume soon.