Last Exile 07 - Slice of Fam Life arc over?

Oh shit, that wasn't cute girls doing cute things with airships! After last weeks episode with the pace picking up, they are really raising the bar with another crazy episode and promise of another action packed episode next week. We are finally done with watching Fam go around fan faning around and hoping we would enjoy that.

They started off continuing with cute girls doing cute things though! A loli ruler proclaiming they executed all the people with power in the nations that they conquered. At least they spun it so it didn't sound as bad as it actually was; That is politics for you. I still swear Fam will come rescue her before this anime is over!

OH GOD! The second she said this I knew she was going to fail! That FORESHADOWING! She still thinks to little of herself. She is clearly the brains behind everything, without her, Fam would have killed herself a billion times already. It sucks to be the real hero of this show forever shadowed by Fam's need to hog spotlight!

Then came the raging battle. An ambush that we knew was coming, when it is too good to be true, it probably is. The question is how did they hide such a large armada without the sky pirates noticing. You would think the smart thing would be to sink the sky pirate flagship first instead of aiming at the vanships that are just flies. How their flagship survived is a miracle. Yet again, they escape due to the nav's genius. Sigh sigh.

Next episode will prove to be another action packed episode. We will finally see the Sylvius in battle, single handedly take down an army. I expect no less from two different protagonists teaming together. I can't wait to see the reaper ship in action. I mean, worse case is they can dive under water as a sub and run away, that is way too imba btw; We will see.