Ben-To 08 - The Product of a Fanservice Anime

The fanservice levels in this episode was off the charts! Too bad it felt like a step back after that awesome episode last week. This episode just lacked the fighting it has had in every other episode. Without it, it just didn't feel right. Btw. is it just me, or does those twins and the ice witch look identical? I should stop remembering characters by their hair colour D:

The ice witch sure is a sore loser. Though it is a pretty big fall from beating everyone to losing horribly in a virtual battle. This scene was still pretty epic, at least she made sure to ask how much it was worth before her hands "slipped". I suck pretty bad at fighting games so I know that pain; Damn my slow reactions and reflexes.

Nothing much happens this episode other then the obvious nurse cosplay by the two twins. It was the main character's best chance to fulfill his nurse fantasy, too bad he failed. If only he jumped her before she got away. She even got into bed with him already, what more does she need to do? I guess there are more contenders looking to try and get the ice witch now. Some competition for our main character.

Pretty much described this whole episode in a nutshell. At least she was humourous all episode with her awesome story writing. We really need more muscle cop story, maybe even a full episode dedicated to retelling her story, that would be fukin awesome.

A relatively slow episode that just whored out the new characters. Hopefully things will pick up next episode with more battling. This episode just felt really lacking without some crucial bento fights. Probably the first episode that didn't make me hungry after watching. Still a really fun anime and hoping they will get a season two.