Fate/Zero 09 - Lancer's Curse

This episode was just awesome. You can't help but feel bad for Lancer's eventual fate. An emotional rollercoaster as we watch Lancer's development and more of how Rider is just awesome. It is sad all the awesome servants are going to be taken out first (excluding Caster, he can burn). Definitely made for an amazing episode especially for a bridging episode that ended up being just as good as the fighting.

So the first thing I had to do after being given the flashbacks of Lancer's past was to look up his history. Basically he stole the girl that was suppose to marry his squad's leader. Later he died to him because he watched as Lancer dying and didn't help. This makes sense why he remains so loyal to his master. He feels he failed to uphold his honor by what he did and wants a second chance to set things right. Problem is that fate is funny, he has already stolen the heart of his new master's wife to be. Being Lancer is surely suffering; What a cruel fate awaits him.

The other major scenes all revolved around Rider and his useless master. They really do make the perfect pair. The perfect servant to teach the young master a thing or to about how to live life; He really is an amazing servant. A rider class that can still wield a sword like a Saber. Something about him all episode just makes you love his personality, truly fit to be a king unlike shit tier Saber and Gilgamesh that only has the ego part down.

I can't wait to see the fate that befalls Lancer, he is clearly about to fail the same way he had in the past. His only goal in this war wasn't even to win, that just makes it that much more tragic. I called him out to be one the best servants this series, this tragic fate reminds me so much of Homura that I think he is by far the best servant in the nasuverse now, even better then that fluffy tail!