Gundam Age 08 - Gear Carried Gundams

This episode started off on a terrible note. They spent the first seven minutes redoing the last one minute of the last episode. Did we really need to see in detail the other pilot losing and his Gundam's transformation sequence? At least we got some good scenes with White Wolf's nice entrance in a mobile suit that looked much better then this trash Gundam.

Attack it's weak point for massive damage!

At least one good thing, I got my fix of brawl fights that Ben-To didn't give me this week, even if it was inferior. I just find it funny how badly gear matters in this show. Those UE machines can't even scratch the Gundams while all those other mobile suits can't do shit to the UE. Is armor and weapons really being upgraded that fast that the previous version is rendered useless instantly?

Seriously, this guy was just standing their spamming on the UE and he didn't even flinch at all. It must suck to know your mobile suit has zero chance no matter how good you are. It makes me wonder, why is the captain bothering with buying mobile suits from that old guy when the stuff they are using clearly can't hurt the UE. It would be a waste of money to buy bow and arrows against a tank.

I found this hilarious, when Flint said to help him, he meant to use them as fooder so he can land a clean blow. The definition of gear carried, they both charge each other with the same attack and he wins. At least the white wolf looked good winning. Nothing like real beam sabers in my anime, screw these punching crap they have going on.

Next episode we get to meet another super crazy guy I suppose. Why else would they pan to that black mobile suit. I just love how balanced this show is where it doesn't matter how skilled they are, gear > all. At least in other series, the randoms weren't absolutely useless. Tack that on with an AGE system that churns out upgrades at the most opportune time leaves for a over powered Gundam. I am constantly questioning why I am still watching this show D: