Mirai Nikki Ep08 - New Friends, and Enemies

I love how Hinata's friend takes pictures here
This episode starts off two weeks after the death of Rei, with Yukkii and Yuno attending a new school. I just want to point out that I totally called it, Kurusu ended up handling the death of Rei, and it seems they decided to leave out Yukkii by not telling him about Rei's death. It was a clever way to hide his death from Yukkii and his mother, although I had a feeling it would turn out this way, but did not expect Yukki to be left out.

Will he still die if his diary is destroyed in the hands of this third party?
The episode was much better than the Rei arc, and sets up for an unexpected number of diary holder's to appear. It feels a little rushed with two new diary holders appearing so suddenly, but I am very happy with the limitless possibilities that may occur next episode with no clear trust between the so called friends.

I was pretty shocked at the return of Yukkii and Yuno's classmate Kousaka. I initially thought he was going to spurt some nonsense about the Uryuu arc and cause a scene, but it was nice to see Yukkii end up making some friends instead, of which quickly shut up Kousaka from saying anything. I really enjoyed and understood Yukkii's decisions to try and trust his new found friends, since he has never had a friend before. Yukkii is an awesome character who doesn't try to be someone he isn't, we get to see his development slowly through his trusting of others around him. I really feel sorry for Yukkii, It sucks not having any friends, and it isn't the safest way for him to make friends as a diary holder. He doesn't have much choice in the matter, if he wants to survive and remain sane, he has to try and trust somebody.

I thought she was standing idly, but she's actually writing "DIE" over and over in regards to Yukkii's new friends.
Plenty of disapproval from Yuno's part this time, with her Yukkii suddenly making friends and openly trusting them, going against her wishes. Yuno clearly wants Yukki to herself, and I am willing to bet my money on her killing anyone who comes between them.

I kind suspected it would turn out like this. Blind trust sucks.
The best part of the video was the betrayal that occurred, as well as the several moments where I kept switching my opinion on who the diary holder might be. As it turned out, at least two of Yukkii's new found friends were in fact, diary holders. I don't understand how Hinata is able to control her father's dogs with his diary, but I guess we will have to go with it, since there was no description of Twelfth's ability to use mind control either.

Akise Aru is a mysterious investigator, and my favorite of the new diary holders.
Once again these new diary holders were not after Yukki, but after each other instead. It seems Yukki has walked into yet another crossfire. I don't think Hinata and her friend know about Yuno being a diary holder as well, so this may end up being a similar episode as the Uryuu and Kurusu's action packed episode.

So apparently these dogs all have metal jaws, I find it a little over the top in terms of randomness. It's shaping up to be a very interesting arc with the additional diary holders. I only hope this arc will last more than two episodes, as I think these new diary holders deserve more screen time. Can't wait till next Sunday.