Guilty Crown Ep05 Rant - Preparation

I realize I'm starting to fall behind on my posts, this is mainly due to BF3, Skyrim, and life in general, but mainly Skyrim and BF3.

The bulk of the episode showed us around Undertaker's base, introducing us to some of its members. It seems everyone here worships Gai like some sort of cult leader. Once again no one really explains what Undertaker's end goal really is. The episode revolves Ayase's introduction and of her training Shu for the upcoming mission. However it really only shows us how pathetic our main character really is, but it's not like we don't have a grasp on that already.

Wrong, he IS hopeless.
The mock battle at the end of the episode should have shown us Shu becoming a man after his training, but instead it shows how Shu only relies on Voids to get him through all his situations.

I initially thought Shu was the only inconsistently portrayed character, but Inori seems to have joined him, congrats Guilty Crown, you've disappointed me even more. We knew that Shu really only joined Undertaker because of Inori, but when Inori tells Shu that her words were a lie (see image above), Shu's heart breaks, telling us that Inori can only belong to Undertaker and to no one else. What makes this inconsistent is the fact that Guilty Crown is trying to play off the "It was all a lie, I don't really care for you" saying. This is such BS, it is pretty clear that Inori looked sad during their conversation, and we all know Inori doesn't show emotions all too often. It would be pretty easy for Inori to act emotionless, unless she actually cared for him. Last episode Inori was sad when Shu was taken into custody. She even disobeyed Gai's orders to save him, forcing Gai to change their plans on the attack, clearly showing once again that Inori cares for Shu. It is so obvious that Inori likes Shu, so what is Guilty Crown trying to do here?