Zelda Four Swords Free Download for 3DS and DS

So after hearing about this at E3, i'm happy to find out another free download from Nintendo is being given out, this one being the Four Swords game originally release on the GameCube and Gameboy Advance back in 2004.

The game was given an 8.1/10 from GameSpot and received overall a good reception. What is great about this is the four player multiplayer experience between both 3DS and DS among friends. This is a way better method for this game as it takes full advantage of the mobility and wireless hook-up. The game is not a re-mastered or updated version like OoT 3D was, but simply a free re-release for our mobile gaming devices in celebration of 25 years of Zelda, although there is a new single player mode.

So why wouldn't you want it? It's free and fun to play all your friends, assuming you have friends with either a 3DS or DS.

For a limited time between Sept. 28th and February 20th you can download the game for free on either the Nintendo eShop channel or DSi Ware

And so ends another update.