Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon - A first Impression

So this one took quite a bit of time before subs actually appeared for it. Partially because of the lollerskate drama of everyone suddenly wanting to sub C cubed, but I'm getting off topic. The episode peaked my interested but had quite a quite large floating reason why it turned me off.

Been a while since I saw six winged angels, I love that design

Seriously, what is WRONG with breasts in this anime? They are like giant balloons attached to these girls. It is either flat or ginourmous, only the teacher was an exception. I couldn't stop staring at it either because they were SO HUGE. This was by far the biggest turn off for me. BREAST PHYSICS ARE SERIOUS BUSINESS!!!

On a positive note, it was a very action packed episode. More then half the episode was dedicated to the mock battle to introduce the characters in a flashy way. I wonder if they can keep that kind of action up, because if they can, I'll be in for rest of the season. I just hope the whole budget wasn't blown on this one episode and we get stick figures for the rest of the season. Definitely off to a good start when things are action packed and not info dumping like crazy *cough cough* Fate/Zero *cough cough*.

The main character and his signature grin sure was awesome to see in the actual anime. At least this main character seems alpha as fuck, this is always good to see with such a large harem of girls. Lets see if he actually goes through all the girls! Definitely seems like a good main character for once, not those trash emo ones that cry every episode. You need main characters like these every now and then to set the other ones straight!

That girl looks exactly like the one from Sacred Seven... She got no screen team too

The only other problem I had was the obvious info dump of background information about the world. I watched this in between ladder matches so I understand NOTHING about the setting, it was too jumbled with new vocabulary I had to learn. I'll probably go back and watch that section and the ending credits again if the next couple episode peak my interest. For now, this was definitely better then I expected. Depending on when subs come out for it and stuff, I might pick this up for episodic; Time will tell!