Baka to Test in Review [4/10]

This show always getting the short end of the stick, since it takes an extra day for Commie to sub it with their trash subs. I went into this fairly optimistic since the first season was pretty awesome. I mean it is the few series I recommend people actually watch, it was just disappointing how much a train wreck the second season was.

This difference in quality was extremely noticeable being paired right next to Mayo Chiki. It made that anime look better and this look worse. The biggest problem I had, was how episodic this season was, nothing really joined together. I was just very disappointed at this second season:

So they continue the story from the second season, the problem is nothing happens? They had a few flashbacks for the characters, but the whole season was very unrelated with lots of separate stories that didn't mix well. This was a huge down point for me as the stories were pretty nonsensical to begin with, not like an anime like this prides itself on story, but still... They could at least try to have some sort of backbone story...

The setting is awesome, even if it isn't too realistic. It was part of the hook of why I liked it. The flow of things was just brutal though, outlined in the story section, it was just too episodic with not much link to each other. The humor just wasn't up to par compared to the other season. I mean they had the same kind of jokes, and didn't branch out enough IMO. Something was just missing from this, not to sure what though.

Well, characters were pretty good but the problem was they weren't given any development. All they did was give some flashbacks to see their pasts, which wasn't bad, but you have to advance the characters a bit. That lack of any development was horrible. At least Shouko is still awesome ^_^

All I could tell was that this seemed slightly worse in quality compared to Mayo Chiki. Nothing was too noticeable though. Another pretty average score with nothing that stands out within this anime.

Personal Satisfaction
I was definitely disappointed with this one. I had extremely high hopes after an amazing first season with some decent OVAs. The only real good episode was the Shouko flashback. That alone should have been a standalone OVA or even a full size movie. Everything else was just trash and felt like they were jsut reusing the jokes. They didn't even take the time to come it up with witty new variations. I was just very disappointed at this.

As stated a few times, I just feel like the anime didn't live up to it's first season. Maybe I just had too high an expectation for it. Either way, it just felt like a train wreck of an anime. Such a waste after I had such high hopes, I am very disappointed with this.

Final Score [4/10]