Last Exile: Fam 02 - A Nation in Ruins

I think I been saying this too much, but I think this was a great episode. There just seems to be much better quality of anime this season, I am liking everything I am watching. I can't even cover all the anime I want this season due to time constraint. Last Exile continues to impress me, it might even be able to reach the levels Fate/Zero and Penguindrum have, but it is still too early to tell.

So the princess' awesome plan was to use some sort of battering ram on the front of the ship to ram the other flagship down. The first question is why was their even a battering ram on a flagship? When it first opened out, I thought it was going to be some super canon, what were they thinking while designing this ship? I could understand having something like that on the fodder/first line, but your flagship? They deserved to lose this war.

The short history lesson was useful since I don't remember anything from the first season. I am hopping their small tidbits are enough for me to understand any references they make of the first season. Comparing this to the most recent episode of Shana is like night and day. Shana spent 10 minutes showing scenes from previous season after 3 episodes, what were they thinking? A few lines giving the basic plot is all you really need...

Am I suppose to know who this person is? Dio looked at him with those "I know you" eyes. Since Dio is from the first season, it leads me to believe I should know him too. Btw, why would they leave a crappy crew on the flagship to defend it in the first place? The tactics of this nation are very questionable, it is no wonder they are losing.

Best girl of series

It was a nicely action packed episode. It helps that this series is much more plot driven which is something I always look for. I am just waiting for more of the plot to unfold to give it a more definite thumbs up, it is still too early; There is lots of room to screw up still. At least they are doing a good job mixing in CG into the art style. I am really liking that small touch.