Ben-To 03 - Dogs vs Wolves

Another decent episode of Ben-To, too bad it pales in comparison to Fate/Zero that I just watched today. Alas, it is still a great anime to wind down to right before I sleep. It helps that it is a pretty fun anime with decent characters. To bad we didn't get more of the brown hair girl that we still haven't seen the face of.

Nothing like the yandere girl to start snapping lots of photos of her new lover. My favourite character is still the even better yandere that won't let the main character even get close to her lover; She needs more screen time. I still question how he survived jumping into an incinerator, he sure is unkillable. That is probably his super power that makes him unstoppable.

Those things she was thinking off...

Time for the more main plot of this episode, the introduction of the hounds. I realize they named themselves well. The dog species generally hunts in packs. The problem is wolves are generally in packs too, which made me think it was more off the basis of the phrase "lone wolf". More likely they jsut picked wolf cause it was more scary XD

Wake up to see this, he should be happy.

She got a bit of screen timewhen they flashedback to the main character playing the fighter game. I can only assume she is either a childhood friend or his sister; I am leaning on the childhood friend. I am guessing she is pretty important since she gets her own title in the opening sequence. She probably ends up being a club member too if I had to guess.


Just another fun episode where the main character makes the right choice. It would be no fun if he joined a pack of people that took the easy way out. He still gained some remarkable fighting ability in such a short time. There has yet to be any real development between the main character and any of the other characters. I wonder if they will leave it at that so the anime doesn't feel as much of a harem as it actually is.