Pearz' Smurfing Adventure

For the past week in HON, they've let anyone create free accounts to play with the matchmaking system. Now, I am not extremely pro (1670 MMR at this time), but I do excel at taking down the other mid player, even among my own bracket. So, mid-ability wise, I am playing better than the average player of my tier.

Now, this all started with a pro smurf dominating me in my game, which got me thinking, "Why not do the same?" Thus, the adventure began:

My first smurf account: Pealz
Now, this was fun times. In my first 3 games, I ran an average 20:1 kill:death ratio, with a whopping 21 TSR. I had bloodbathed every game I was in, reaching immortal once and even an annihilation in a short 19min game. It all started coming down when I was focus-fired for my obvious smurfing practices. Alas, we still won, but not before I took a couple more deaths than I should have. Then came my 2 brutal loses. The first one wasn't too bad; it came down to the fact that I wasn't mid and couldn't perform as well as I usually could with that head start. On the other hand, our mid was absolutely garbage, which didn't help. Well, idiots like that are always coming along; I shook it off and proceeded to the next game. This one was absolutely horrid; my team was filled with anti-smurfs, players hell-bent on making you lose. We had a team of 5 carries with a first-pick Scout, which pretty much sealed our fate. After a game like that, it was time to quit this account.
(I also mixed in some matches with someone who challenged me 1v1, who claimed that it was pure luck that I was winning. Suffice it to say, 10min in, I had him dead 3 times with an extra 3k gold on him. Apparently, that was luck, too...)
MMR: 1547 // TSR: 7.29

So, enter my second smurf account: Godoka
This was a short account. Game One was a win, but not before dying a few times to guarantee the win. In real games, you can't win without dying when the focus-fire starts coming your way. When you clearly are dominating, they all want your head. Game Two was going extremely well when, suddenly, BAM, the server popped. I was left with a disconnect on that account, thus making it unplayable and so retired.
MMR: 1531 // TSR: 7.44

Finally, here's my third smurf account: Kyuubey
This started off pretty well. There were two powerful games with decent opponents that could at least do something against me. Too bad it didn't matter; I still carried through. Then came two loses again. The first one was with Archna (bleh, lost on my first account, too, with her). We started losing since one of our players didn't know how to play at all and just kept feeding. I could carry even until the end (shown by my 15-3-19 score), but I could not hold back a Polly push that took out all of our rax, and we lost. The second loss can be attributed purely to Cody. He didn't know how his ult worked and didn't use it once. I opened up powerful as always but when the team fights came down, we just didn't have the damage without the Magmus ult. It was such a horrid way to lose after opening the game extremely well. Things turned out well after this; I won three games in a row due to my pro smurfing. There's nothing much to say, but I dominated and walked all over them. I shouldn't have died so much on MQ if I wasn't so reckless near the end, but owelz. Finally, the last 3 games of my smurfing adventure were horrid. Smurfing shouldn't be done with a friend. I watched as I carried through the early game, only to start losing mid-game because I started playing a bit more team-ish compared to my solo smurfing, where all I had to do was look out for myself. I quickly lost my edge as I played team-ish; this, combined with the focus-fire on the player that dominated them early game, was unpleasant. The second game was no better; stared as I was focus-fired for being the one doing well. We won, but it was still not fun when I played team-ish and died for the team. The final game was atrocious. We were matched up against a player with mid skills as good as mine, except he had support, meaning a courier and wards. My first death came from watching a courier bring him boots mid-fight, which won him the blood. It didn't help that the other team had a couple of decent players piled together for this game to make my life difficult. It was probably the only game I lost as a mid. Sigh, sigh~ Lesson of the day: don't smurf with friends. Almost all my losses were when I was smurfing with them. Sigh~
MMR: 1535 // TSR: 6.7

Total win-lose solo:  8-2 // Total win-lose with friends: 6-4
So, my smurfing journey was a fun one of utter domination. It clearly shows the difference in skill with even a ~100MMR difference in brackets. Only in one game of my games did I even come out negative K:D, which involved a full team of players looking to lose. The MMR system works. Just like how I stomp 1500s like nothing, 1700+s make my playing look like garbage.