[C]opout 06 - The Soul Possibility of a Crappy Anime

It would have been perfectly fine to end the anime here, with Kimi's incompetence. It's better than the train wreck it is now...

Lately, I don't know what to think about [C] other than that they have no clue what they are doing themselves. This episode started dabbling in more philosophical questions, with a major copout on the battle at the end. This is probably the epitome of what you shouldn't be doing in an anime.

The final moments before the fade-to-white away from the fight were exactly my face when I realized what  happened.

Okay, so here's a brief run-down of all the genres this anime aspires to be. An initial thought was that it was going to be about economics and such. After two episodes, that was quickly debunked when it failed to display anything remotely economical other than throwing around some flashy terms. Then came the second most fitting genre for this anime: shounen. With all the fighting going on, it seemed to be an appropriate fit for this anime, until this episode came along. It was an episode dedicated to a very mentally-conflicting deal that would occur. This was fine until they decided that they should fade to white instead of animating the ending moments of the battle - heck, not even "ending moments", since they seemed to cut out halfway through the fight. No respectable shounen genre would ever skip out on a battle; that is the bread and butter of it. This leaves me puzzled as to what this anime is attempting to accomplish.

The 3 burgers she picks from represents the 3 choices he has?

Now comes the genre this episode is pitching: philosophical. On one hand, you had Mikuni living in the present, since there would be no future without the present. Then came this new Entre, claiming that the guild is ignoring the future and that preserving the present is not enough. The final choice was Jennifer, telling him to just cut the Financial District out cold and deal with the repercussions. This is more a philosophical question than anything, for what Kimimaro should do. This swapped in genre is annoying; they are leaving everything half-baked and jumping around, hoping that if they dabble in enough things, someone will be interested in something. This doesn't work when things aren't fleshed out and just left hanging. 

On the note of my opinion, I would have agreed with opting out of the deal. The fact that Kimimaro didn't is proof that either he has changed or is being manipulated by Mikuni. His stance was always to want a peaceful life and to do as little possible. He was presented with the chance to not fight, with zero cost to himself. The fact that he did not take this, compared to his initial monologues in the first episodes, is proof that things are different...or, at least, of inconsistency among the writers, which is probably the most probable based on the train wreck of a story they have here. On this note: the rules never explains what happens if both sides sit down and just not fight, letting the timer run out. 

They do have some random nice lines. Too bad they're far too sparse and mixed with the shit.

I'd like to mention again how Kimimaro displays no indication that he is an economics student. Jennifer and Mikuni had to explain the repercussions of the Midas Money to him. I'm starting to think that his failing of that exam would have happened regardless of whether or not he lost that deal. He should really look for a new major; he clearly knows nothing about economics. Even someone with basic economic knowledge could come up with a little bit about what the effect of the money is, even if only very simplistic view; he just stares blankly.

By the way, how is lightning able to cut an arm off? Last I learned, lightning doesn't work like that...

So, effectively, we now have an anime with horrid animation, horrid plot, and a bunch of inconsistent characters that don't even know what they are supposed to be doing. I wonder how anyone could consider this anime even decent, other than that it has nice pacing. Watching this anime is like a jack-in-the-box: you never know what will happen as you crank it... Wait, we do know; Jack shit comes popping out.