Hoshizora 04 - Every Harem Needs a Pink-Haired Girl

I wonder if every harem needs to have it so that every girl has a different colour of hair. To be honest, anime faces all look similar and I do need the different hair colours to differentiate them when we first meet these characters. I guess I just fall within that group of people with too short of an attention span to really pay attention to the differences.

Obligatory scenario of every fanservice anime.

This was a pretty slow episode since it was mainly building up for the big race that'll happen in the next episode. He is making almost zero progress with his harem. This is leading me to believe that this will be one of those open-ended endings. It always sucks when they pick nothing; that just feels like there is no closure. As shitty as Infinite Stratos was, he at least picked one (even if it was the wrong one).

You got new characters like Hina, who just instantly fell for the main character. Her reason is purely because she was called "cute". I'm pretty sure that, as one of the idols of the school, the main character probably wasn't the first person to call her cute. This felt a bit off. She is just going to end up as a side character anyway; it must suck to be stuck in limbo like that forever.

One main attraction I have to this anime is because of the chibi moments. Unlike Dog Days, this one does them amazingly. It's probably the highlight of this anime, watching them in their random moments in chibi form. There's something about the adorable chibi forms that makes everything just better; I probably just have some heavy bias here.

Plot-wise, they've set-up everyone's reason to join the race. Now generally, the main character usually wins these, but I'm not so sure here. Everyone seems to have wishy-washy reasons, while the green-haired acorn girl seems to have a legitimate reason to want to win. I think when the main character realizes it, he will throw the race for her. This will probably set off the flag for her to fall in love with him, thus slowly solidifying his harem.

There was nothing too special about this episode; it was, after all, just some nice build-up for the next one. I'm hoping the race goes well. This is definitely a nice series to keep up with, being nothing too serious with some nice humour to get me by the half-baked plot. At least this guy recognizes that he's got a group of girls that follow him around, instead of just thinking they are a nuisance. It's always good to see something other than full-on retarded main characters.