30-Sai no Hoken Taiiku Eps02-04

After waiting a full three episodes, I think I have enough to write about. I won't lie; the first episode didn't generate enough interest for me to actually watch this anime diligently every week. I watched all three of these episodes back-to-back; at least that means I'll be more coherent.

The older sister looks so strangely-proportioned...

In comparison to the first episode, these three blazed through the plot point. That's good; it would have been pretty boring if everything was as "slow" as the first one. Of course, in keeping with the theme of teaching, quick development (and set-backs) is pretty important.

I honestly didn't see this coming.

Ep02 wasted no time in introducing the chibi form of the Sex God (because I don't remember his name, I will call him Male God); it turned out to actually be his younger brother, Macaron (who assists him in his zealous plans all too willingly). Maybe it was the long break I took between ep01 and this batch, but the flow seemed pretty well-paced. I liked how quickly it was going through the story, as if following steps from a guidebook. ...oh, wait.

That snaggletooth always pisses me off...

It didn't take very long at all for our hero to realize that he's fallen in love with the heroine. I suppose that's what these feelings are like. If anything, that I found pretty ridiculous - it's "feelings for", not "love". But that's a problem I usually have with portrayal of these things in media, especially Eastern outlets; it all seems to happen to fast and almost non-commitally.

The backgrounds are so awesome~

I really like the little details that this anime has. It's not entirely noticeable, the amount of thought that must have gone into it, because the overall presentation is pretty outrageous anyway (sparkles everywhere, erratic movements, etc). I especially noticed this scene - in particular, the backgrounds that all the charaters are standing in. "Dai" for Male God, cherries for the unpopped hero, and macaroons for the younger God Macaron (I'm pretty sure those desserts are macaroons; I have no way of checking at the time of writing). Looking closely, these kinds of details happen pretty frequently and makes for a treat when I'm zoning out of the conversation.

First the Ninpendo DZ and now the PZP.

Although not really expected, I can fully see why the first attempt between the leads would fail. He needs to experience various forms of rejection so that the viewers can learn coping mechanisms, and also how to pick oneself back up after a fall. In this case, Male God ordered him to not wallow and to get her email address (after being turned down due to the misunderstanding that he was just trying to get into her pants; while kind of true, it also was strong grounds for her rejecting him).

Who would this ever work on?

All of ep03 focused on him getting her email address - and then, having attained it, asking her out. Of course he succeeded the second time; they're the main leads, after all. To be honest, I don't find the heroine anything special. (Okay, I don't think the hero is special either, but let's move passed that.) There's just something really homely about her that I don't like. It might be her bush of a hair; I honestly dislike hair like that.

This kind of reminded me of Madoka. The rod (or its attack) is called Virgin Pole.

Ep04 was absolutely my preference of this batch, since the female Sex Gods were introduced. It's a little bit fishy, of course, that the 30-year-old male virgin with Sex Gods would fall in love wth the 30-year-old female virgin who also has Sex Gods, but I'll accept that as just part of the story. Another questionable detail was how it was also a pair of siblings guiding the heroine; do Sex Gods work in sibling pairs? What if you don't have a sibling; can you not be a Sex God? So many questions!

Her attempts to speak French made me sob into the rough pillow.

The first date went conspicuously because the heroine became awkward and ran off home after the movies. (Cue the entrance of the female Sex Gods here!) The second date went much better; it was pretty enjoyable how they were following the book so exactly. I wonder if people genuinely think about this so-called 10sec rule?

Spotlight on pain.

The episode ended with the hero's second rejection; he asked to date her (exclusively, I asusume), and she turned him down. Quite obviously, this is because she's scared again. She already told her Gods that she wanted to find someone to fall in love with, so it's not like she has some secret (like the fact that she has a terminal illness). This isn't Korean; I think we're okay to assume that only basics will occur.

Apparently, the older sister loves drinking Taba-suko (tabasco). So weird...

So, now that some time has passed, what do I think about this anime? Honestly, it's nothing memorable. I'm watching it because I started it, and it's not so terribad that I need to drop (there have only been a handful of anime, of course, that have been that bad that I couldn't even finish it). I zoned out for some of the less funny bits (the entire deal with his co-worker providing sex tips was pretty boring). Writing this post was a little difficult because I couldn't clearly think about the things I wanted to say. Of course, I was watching Knight and Day at the same time, to keep my head from exploding from the ambient noise of pressure on the plane, but I doubt that was the reason.

This anime does some pretty weird scenes with the eyes.

Final point: the episodes are a total of 15min at most (and then deduct the OP/ED), so it's not so much of a commitment (like I said right after ep01, actually). I can't pinpoint what kind of people would find this amusing; it's like a toned-down Futari Ecchi with jokes that are extremely hit-or-miss. After thinking about it more, perhaps I'll come up with an idea of what would make this anime better. For now, it's pretty placid.