Steins;Gate 05 - You Jelly?

Ya, you jelly.
This was a pretty slow episode in comparison to the pacing they've been taking. I guess the biggest thing about this episode was that there wasn't much plot development. This, combined with very little witty banter (unlike the last episode), makes for the second disappointing episode this week from an anime; I hope it doesn't turn into a trend.

I gotta agree; she looks better in a lab coat.

I mean, the only real banter that I liked in this episode was condensed in the first 10min. I think it is part of why I am attracted to this anime. Without sufficient banter between the characters, it just doesn't feel as awesome.

I guess the plot moved a bit in the second half of this episode. The first plot point is obviously about the part-timer's role in this episode. I have a speculation about her; I think she is John Titor. She warned Okarin about Kurisu, which seems very odd, and obviously viewed Kurisu as the enemy. It would also make sense why she knew about the IBN and wanted it badly, too. This would also entail that Okarin was right about her being an agent when they first met; maybe he isn't so crazy, after all. I'm pretty sure on this theory, but we will see.

I guess the other major plot point to touch on is the discovery of time travel. We learned that SERN has been experimenting and has the same "gelling" problem as Okarin's microwave. So, now we have a more clear-cut goal: a race to finish a time machine first. Hopefully, more chaos ensues with real agents coming for them; it';; be more action at least.

Poor Kurisu.

The non-plot point I'd like to mention was the rai-net battler game in this anime. I actually like paying attention to small details like this, since it looks like it might be a reoccurring game that they'll be playing. Hopefully, we will get more scenes of this to be able to piece together the rules of this game. It seems like an interesting game, at least. 

I guess I was too harsh with my initial impression; it wasn't that bad of an episode. The banter could have been better, but at least they decently built up a bit of plot. The problem is that you can't have always have build-up; at one point, things need to start unfolding. I think I'm just feeling more critical lately. It was a mediocre episode, after all. ...haha, I guess I just trolled.