Hoshizora E Kakaru Hashi 1 - Another Harem is Formed

Yes, he saw everything.

What is with these long names for harems this season? At least make it easier to type out... Surprisingly, this first episode caught my eye more than expected, with the small details that I liked. After doing Infinite Stratos, I didn't want to write about another harem-ish anime, but this one peaked my interest enough (at least for now).

I am pretty sure that she is one of two girls that are in the running for the final girl slot - the other one, of course, being the childhood friend that we haven't met yet (I think it is the shrine maiden). I mean, she was so important that we had to see this scene twice 'cause of the commercial break.

She had the OMG look on her face, and then tilted her head down to stare. She sure knows how to react better than your average harem anime girl.

She just further helped the case. It's too bad that she doesn't seem to be a girl in his harem, instead just a side thing. From the ending credits, I counted 9 girls, but the opener had 8 so now I'm not sure. Either way, his harem is looking pretty big. It's much larger than the average harem of 4-5 girls.

I mean, wow. This main character is so pro that even his brother wants in. That is the first time I've seen this - at least, first in an anime aired for guys. The question will come down to whether or not this main character ends up being useless. We still haven't seen enough of him to tell if he will be an indecisive one that does nothing the entire series.

She's amazing.

I'll definitely watch another episode of this; the jokes were funny enough to keep me intrigued all episode. I had to facepalm for a couple of the moments, but it was nothing too atrocious. I guess it will come down to how well this main character handles his harem.