Steins;Gate 2 - The Harem is Formed

So, another episode of Steins;Gate is out. I think this is the first anime that will get a guaranteed weekly blog post. I kind of didn't want to do all the super-anticipated anime this season, but it looks like it's shifting that way. I really liked this episode; it was mainly introducing the new girls to add to his harem. It had a really nice plot development near the end, which left me wanting more.

So, we get more of Kurisu, who is fast becoming one of my favourite characters (well, she has a banner already). There's nothing like openly humiliating the main character regrading how incompetent a scientist he is. By the way, the String Theory is based off of the Theory of Relativity, and the Theory of Relativity speculates that time travel is possible. You can't disprove time travel using the String Theory; it is a logical fallacy. I'll forgive her, though, since she shutdown the main character.

I wonder what it is...

At least the maid cafes will play with him. There's nothing like role-playing to breed your insanity. She appears as part of the posters, so I can only assume that we'll get to see more of her. There's something about getting spammed with ~nyaa~ to make everything better (or worse)...

Goodle and Mewtube

The plot pieces are slowly being dumped on us. It is still a bit too broken-up to put together. Hopefully, it is a well-told story and not just an incompetent writer so nothing comes together. The main character is actually decent in this anime, too. He has the best random knacks. I mean, talking to himself added to all his weird made-up lies are awesome. He comes up with the best stuff to say. 

This is probably the most WTF trap I have ever seen. They aren't even trying to make him out to be a guy. This is an outright female in every way, to diversify the harem. You need to cater to all the weird fetishes, right? I wonder what it is about being a mad scientist that attracts such a weird harem mix. I guess freaks attract other freaks.

That monitor was awesome.

I guess, overall, I'm finding this pretty enjoyable. The two leads are likeable, which is extremely rare, making this fun to watch. I am still praying hard that this does not disappoint me, like Chaos;Head; I had such high hopes from those first couple episodes.