Rest of the First Impressions of This Anime Season So Far

Totally unrelated Homura pic 'cause I can.

To make things simple: I hated pretty much every anime that I didn't post about, so why not bundle them up together? I didn't even make it through the entire episode for most of these. You sometimes just hit that point where you go, "That's it, I had enough." Since I took some time to watch it, I decided to just include all the ones I watched but didn't like together.
I think I figured out a way to quickly finish this post, since I really don't care for any of these anime. I'll create a form for it:

I think ____1____ is absolutely horrid. It suffers from being ____2____ . I mean, ____3____. I don't think this show has any promise, and I doubt I'll be blogging about it or even watching another episode unless raging reviews appear. I think ____1____ just has too many issues for me to watch seriously. I give this anime, at most, a rating of ____4____.

1. A-Channel
2. exactly like Lucky Stars, which I hated
3. it is similiar to it in every way
4. 2/10

1. Soft-tenni
2. plotless and trying to sell fanservice done badly
3. all the fanservice is in the form of imagination, and the humour is only medicore at best
4. 0/10

1. Sket Dance
2. boring
3. it is relying on subpar humour; I wonder how this manga is still running
4. 3/10

1. Nichijou
2. too much like Azumanga Daioh
3. it isn't bad, per se, but I couldn't finish Azumanga Daioh so doubt I would be amused for long with this
4. 5/10
(There's a high probability that Aaro will pick this up to blog about, though.)
(Aaro Note~ : It's hard to blog random humour like Azumanga Daioh. Maybe just a review post at the end~ [Unless I change my mind.])

1. Sengoku Otome
2. mind-boggling
3. look at Rio: making an anime based off a gambling game sure paid off well the first time
4. 3/10

1. Astarotte's Toy
2. mind-blowing
3. the premise was already sketchy, and the first episode only furthered confirmed it
4. 0/10

That sums up all the anime that I watched and didn't give a blog post; overall, pretty crappy stuff. I think the remaining the anime (other than Aria) will get a dedicated first post.