Madoka-less Thursday

Another week goes by, and still no confirmed date for when the last 2 episodes of Madoka will air.

So instead, I once again bring you something half-Madoka related. GG's trolling has reached even HON. I now have the Mourning Lescue mod for my HON gaming. There's nothing like a bit of trolling in HON - I mean, the game is filled with trolls and ragers anyways. I'm slowly climbing back up to 1700MMR right now. Although, after dropping so far in MMR, I know I clearly don't belong in that bracket yet. I can now single-handedly win games by dominating the mid lane with ease. It's giving me a chance to practice with heroes I don't normally use, like Tiny (Pebbles) and Gladiator (which is quickly being one of my top picks since I'm getting really good with him).

As I start glancing over at other people's anime blogs and such, I realize things that I have in my area (Toronto) and others are vastly different. Toronto has a large Asian population (me being part of it) and it's the second largest city in Canada. So, naturally, we have various Asian malls and supermarkets. Lots of the things (like Japanese foods, figurines, and even manga) can be found without too much difficulty. I'm hoping that, at this rate, Morning Rescue will show up in the supermarkets. I mean, I can buy those same onigiri (which absolutely awesome, by the way) you see in anime. I guess an environment like this would be loved by most people, but I've just grown to view it as a norm.

I guess this is just a random rant to pass time as I procrastinate doing the IS post. I really shouldn't have picked it to blog about.