Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka 10

So, after a week of anime-drought, a new episode of Zombie is out (along with 2 episodes of Dragon Crisis).

No, that will explode.
Yet another episode without a new CV for Yuu; I think that, by the last episode, we will hear her "real" voice. It's very slow episode - actually, I think the slowest one so far this season. We didn't learn much about the story or motives, and not too much humour since they're all mourning their "loss".

At least we get to see a bit more development in the other characters with Yuu gone...not much though, since they're too busy searching for her. The only real plot point was that we learned the motive of the other zombie: he wants to die. He's probably tired of the eternal life, which can in the end give him exactly what he wants, and Ayumu will be able to be the Knight In Shining Armour, saving the day. Kinda the whole "happy ending" thing.

We get to see another random side character show up and talk again. I really hope the plot winds up a bit more, with only 2 episodes to go. I'll be kinda disappointed if it all plays out like I think it will. It would really be letting me down since they had such a good run. I hope that just one slow episode (which is rare when you're so close to ending) was not a prelude to a bad end. Although I guess without Yuu, the anime is just less good and that's probably the reason why. XD