Some Big News?

I guess this is pretty big news for manga viewers like me. A couple of months ago, Onemanga closed down. Various other (smaller) online manga sites closed down too - or, at least, took some small action after being given a Cease and Desist.

I'd already heard rumours of this, but there didn't seem like anything solid until today. This seems like a legal alternative to scanlating, kind of like what Crunchyroll is trying to do for anime.

I don't think this will outright end scanlating, but it will change things up quite a bit. I guess a big factor would be how well localization will be for every country, which is a huge issue for Crunchyroll. I guess we'll see how this plays out when the site is actually launched.

Side note: there'll probably be no Infinite Stratos post for ep11; it was just too horrible for me to post about.