HON - The 6 Worst Games I've Ever Had in My Life...in a Row

Now, we all have some bad games here and there, but these 6 games were killer. Not only do they rival some of my current worst games, but they were put together back-to-back. This just put me to WTF RAGE.

Some background first: I generally play the mid or carry. My favourites for the mid are carries like Soulstealer, Forsaken Archer, and Corrupted Disciple. My current HON stats are here.

Game 1: Mid as Tundra
The game started off with them screaming for me to pick Hellbringer over Dark Lady, since Blue would carry with Zephyr, so I made the concession and went with Tundra. The game then started normally...until I realized, "NO WARDS!?!??!?!" Now, I'm not one to rage QQ about supporting and, as a Tundra, I can scout runes myself, so I let this pass. Being a better mid player than the opposing Moon Queen, I proceeded to dominate her with rune control and first-blooded her around lv7. At this point, I decided to go ganking to help the other lanes, which is where the trip downhill began.

I quickly learned that at top, Rampage and Chipper had pure hatred for each other and were trying to get the other killed. When I tried to go up to save Chipper, he ran the other way so that I couldn't save him. *facepalm*

From there on, every gank I ran failed since they had wards (and saw me coming), whereas we didn't. Conversely, since I was not at mid, I couldn't tell which way MQ was going, leading to many successful ganks on their side.

Long story short, we got one ward placed 20min in by our carry, Blue, but it was too little too late. We had already lost horridly.

It didn't help that Myrmidon insisted on using his mic even though no one could hear him, and Rampage and Zephyr talked in some non-English language, assuming we understood.

I thought that nightmare was over, but then began...

Game 2: Bot as Slither with Rho
Now, I'm not much of a support player, but when the team decides they must be xx hero, I'm forced to balance team out by supporting. The game started and I began thinking that this would be a joke of a game. They had 4 carries and Tempest; we could win this pretty fast.

There's not much to say; the early game was about getting stomped badly until the mid game began. I would keep calling to push the towers down, but we decided to run off and farm instead of pushing together. There were wild goose chases for heroes in jungles, which would lead to getting counter-ganked. Our team decided to run around, doing whatever they wanted, while their team ran as an actual team. They played together and demolished our lack of teamwork. It was probably the least rage-filled game. It was just another game lost to bad teamwork. It's sad, because it was a game we should have won easily, if we had just pretended to work together.

Game 3: Mid as Soulstealer
Now, this was a Banning Draft game. We clearly got the better picks as a team, and Soulstealer is one of my best. I was pretty confident going into this game. Then the game began and so did the pain. The other team ran two players mid against me, leaving bot for solo Kraken against Sand Wraith and Torturer. Tort asked if he was needed mid, but I refused since I had confidence in my skill (and, also, a farmed Sand could win by himself). I did not see myself getting utterly destroyed at mid by the two of them. Two heroes were out-levelling me and keeping me clearly out of the EXP range of the creeps. I knew this lane was gone and had become a free farm for Disciple, but I didn't realize that the other lanes had lost just as bad.

Armadon and Plague Rider lost top, giving off a free farm to Magebane. I still don't even know how this is possible. Bot gave off two  kills to a solo Kraken, leaving all three lanes in bad shape. When Disciple, with his free farm from mid, starting ganking around, we couldn't even leave the base. The game ended 10min later, and we got demolished.

Game 4: Mid as Soulstealer (solo)
After such a huge slaughter, I wanted to redeem my SS. I mean, how could I lose with SS twice in a row? It was a simple reason why we lost this time: zero support. There was no courier, so obviously also no wards. They even ran against me 2v1 in mid (this NEVER HAPPENS and then it happened twice in a row...) This time, the players facing me were much less skilled. They could not keep me out of the lane, and I was at least keeping up with the farm of the two of them, which is good for 2v1.

However, having no courier forced me to walk home for my items twice, which really slowed me down. Combined with zero rune control, I had no idea who was getting ganked when one of them walked off.

Now, with a dual mid, their solo lane was top for Wild Soul. It was expected that Rho would win that lane, being 2v1, until I learned that this Wild Soul was insanely good. He just ran in, slaughtering them, and this was combined with the mid heroes ganking bot constantly, destroying that lane too. They just pushed together with better coordination, and we were running an under-farmed SS and lacked any nuking power to initiate.

They slowly pushed us back until we finally lost. Two horrible defeats in a row with one of my best with a lane setup that never happens; who would have thought?

Game 5: Bot as Slither (solo)
We had a Wild Soul and I wanted to give Rho as Swiftblade the better farm at top, so I went bot to take the punishment. As expected, it was a horrible lane. I gave their carry, Magebane, a free farm. That, combined with me missing a lot of my slows, hurt a lot.

I had faith that Rho would carry, so I kept at it, buying out wards to give our team sight (something we got none of in the other games). The other support here bought zero wards all game, despite playing one of the biggest support heroes in game. Sigh... I should have known, since the guy kept spamming over his mic just to piss the team off. That was when mid kept getting ganked from the top heroes, and he would be screaming into his mic about the lack of wards and lack of MIA calls. Eventually, Magebane decided he was done free farming and ran around destroying everyone. So much for mid coming to slowing him down... It was a gruelling game supporting combined with people raging over mic.

Game 6: Bot as Dark Lady
Blacksmith insisted on going mid even though we had a much better choice with Bubbles. It was no surprise when he got his ass handed to him by Soulstealer. Behemoth, being the amazing asshole,  forced me to go bot (which is not as good a lane for a carry), since he was all, "OMGZ I NEED FARM TOO." I was fine, since I would be facing the Sand Wraith, and would be potentially slowing him down in his process of destroying our team .

The game was starting off well, with us keeping Sand from farming...until backup came. Mid had gotten annihilated (no surprise), so their mid proceeded to move to the other lanes, destroying those too. We got zero warning from our mid, other than him raging about how bad it was and how unlucky he was. The team fights had started, and I wasn't farmed enough. As the game dragged on bit-by-bit, Sand finally came in, swept us all up and then the game was over. If only our mid hadn't failed so hard... It wasn't a huge WTF loss, but it didn't help that I had lost horridly five times in a row before this.

So, six complete losses in a row; we didn't stand a chance, no matter what we picked.

Stealth edit: My favourite HON song...