Infinite Harem 7 and Yumekui Merry 7

Infinite Stratos
It took an extra day to sub this week, due to translator issues, but it was a decent episode. We get to learn a bit about Houki's past, which isn't too bad.

There's also a lot of trash talking between the girls. It was fun to finally see Laura's IS in action, too.

Her IS seems a little...overpowered. I mean, that is like Matrix powers...

So, he likes his girls to talk like boys? I think this is the root of the problem, as a main character. It could explain to me why he doesn't notice his own harem; it's 'cause he's not looking for a girl.

This also explains why Charles is in the lead, by far, for his harem. The anime is going decently, I guess; it's nothing amazing but still watchable. So far, it's the neutral 7/10 for this anime.


Yumekui Merry
This was a pure filler episode. This entire episode happened in one chapter of the manga. (I'm trying not to get ahead in the manga compared to anime, so I only keep 1-2 chapters ahead of anime, by the way.)

Sigh. GG subs, trolling us with their subs again. D:

At least they finally get together-ish. Although it wasn't hard to see this coming.

I think Treesea is Chizuru's dream demon. I actually wouldn't know, since Chizuru only exists in the anime. It seems like another mysterious character that we won't learn about until the final episodes. We will see, though.

At least Yui and Engi show up in the next episode again. It'll be someone to perk up this show again.