Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka 6

This episode had some serious plot, so I have to go back to the original title. Personally, I prefer the humour, but a serious plot-driven episode isn't bad either. We finally got to learn more about Yuu and also met Dai-sensei.

Was I the only one that got the WTF moment for half a second here? I was like, "WHY IS IT GLOWING!??!?!?!!?"

Here's a clear shot of Dai-sensei; I wonder if she'll end up in his harem, too. From the looks of it, we will get to see her more later, which is a good thing.

I saw this coming from a mile away. I was screaming at my laptop for what would happen next. Sigh. It's just cliche stuff that happens every time. I can't say it was particularly bad, just horribly overdone.

There are EXACTLY the same ones I can buy and eat every week. God, they are awesome, but so expensive.

It was a really good episode, overall. You've been introduced to probably the entire main plot with this episode. Finally, there's a purpose for Ayumu and his Harem to go after. I'm excited to see more episodes. I still think that this is the best anime of the season, by far.

BTW: There will be no more Dragon Crisis posts. This arc with a fail wolf that looks like she's constantly being raped just by being touched does not amuse me. If I'm posting about this BS, then I might as well one-up it and do Rio instead.