From the attic:Time of Eve plus stuff

This series was sitting on my computer for a at least 8-9 months, and I randomly decided to watch it this week. I initially turned it off after 2-3 mins for an unknown reason since it has been that long.

I gotta say it was decent, though it did feel to short. Felt almost like slice of life due to it's short eps and zero plot development. Just small stories introducing characters. I generally don't like these kind of genres but I guess the futuristic setting got me watching it, plus I wanted to know what would happen to Sammy. Pretty good short watch, hope they make a second season, I would definitely watch. 7.5/10


So lately been kinda conflicted. I know other blogs tend to recap a whole eps when doing them per eps but I feel it ruins it if you watch it afterwards. It is why mine posts been generally shorter and more vague. You ruin the joke when they know it is coming. Probably add the spoiler button into every eps or something of that sort will be what I do, guess I'll see.

From looks of it, most the stuff I watch will all be coming out on Thursday making it much more strenuous to get posts done right after it is subbed. Might post more based on spread out animes that I watch then to bundle up the work. This will probably make Thursdays my look forward day of the week ( Infinite Stratos, big Bang Theory, The Office, Yumekei Merry, all the weekly Shounen Jump Manga, and not watching Madoka like everyone else. I just don't see the allure D:)

Gonna Start working on an About: Pearz page since that other one I added was much more general to the blog. Maybe Rho and Aaro will make one too if they even care anymore.

Old news but I broke 7 TSR for quite some time now for new ranked matches for HON, which is extremely high. To bad I still get stomped hard by the "real" pros. Makes me QQ hard when I get shut out so badly D: /hates teamates