The final pick for anime this season

Hourou Musuko
So judging by the animation style and the trailer did make it out to be decent. I had originally written off this anime due to the summary and I was right to do so. It has been a while since I couldn't even finish the 1 eps trial. I made it 10 mins in when I couldn't stand it anymore. It was just unbearable how slow paced it was and how everything was so......... gentle. Everything about it was gentle, even the color tones. I guess I couldn't stand this kind of thing at all. Guess I can't watch these pure slice of life stuff, it was just unbearably brutal. Kinda like when I tried watching Aria once......... Unless Gundams come out of the sky and he turns out to be a coordinator, I probably won't watch this again.

So this one I got mixed feelings about. The original artwork style felt like it was made years and years ago but I did enjoy the story. Seemed well paced and left a good first eps impression. I guess the biggest thing about this anime is the setting, seems interesting. I'll give it another ep or 2 see how the hero's journey goes. Story just seems like it has a real good feel to it.

Yumekui Merry
Last week I was undecided if I would watch more eps of this but I decided to watch it today. Mainly because I noticed the manga was on Mangafox and decided to read it to see what happens. This anime has a huge "Shakugan no Shana" feel to it. The whole useless-ish guy that will turn out to have some secret hidden power and the girl thats super pro ownzoring everything. At least Merry isn't as annoying as Shana, god I hated her. Merry pretty annoying at times too, but kinda bareable. Isana is exactly the same as Kazumi, childhood friend who is all "moe"-ish. Typical childhood friends characters D: Judging by the ending credits though, the main hero is probably related to Merry in some way in the past. Interesting to see what they pull up with that.
Reading the manga though, I gotta say the delivery is better. Noticed the jokes aren't as well done compared to the manga but the anime seems to have some extra scenes in charaters that don't exist in the manga (or at least how far I am) Wonder how true the anime will stay to the manga.

So end list of animes I will be watchi ng this season: Infinite Stratos, Yumekui Merry, Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? and maybe Dragon Crisis/Fractale though neither of those will ever get real blog posts unless it turns super awesumz.