Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka and Dragon Crisis

So today these 2 animes came out.
Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka
So to start off I was looking forward to this one. A pink chainsaw, zombies, magical girls, humor, what else would I be looking for in an anime? I gotta say I was mind blown. I know I used this term about Rio but I can't decided which one was more mind blowing. Their are some huge key differences though, Rio mind blowing was based on how bad and serious it was and turned out out so bad it was good.
For Zombie, they meant for their jokes to be SOOOOO wtf that that it was good. I mean that whole Sailor moon transformation was SOOO wtf.
I will be watching more eps of this for sure. At least until I get bored of the slightly mindless humor.

Dragon Crisis
All I can say is harem to the max. Start off with the shy girl, then a cousin, then a pet loli girl. Judging by the ending credits, their are going to be many many more girls to add to his harem mix.
I may watch another eps or 2 to see where it is going but for sure no blog posts about it since it is more of a side thing. Really didn't expect the magical girl theme though from the start of the anime.