Oreimo and some other stuff

So seems like so far general consensus is my story is better. Ironically, the reason stated why mine was better was what Rho disliked about it, hence the open ending-ness of her story where mine wrapped everything up. Guess no one sees it Rhos way tsk tsk. Can still vote if you want to.

So I decided Bit by bit I'll move to make the blog more like an aniblog (anime blog). This is sprouted by the fact that apparently their was a tournament rating anime blogs earlier this year. Being competitive and already a half baked anime-ish blog I decided to just delve more deeply in this. Rho and Aaro have no faith I can keep up but I know better. I'll still have my gaming related and random posts too.

Rift lifted it's NDA so I can opening blog about it now. Not like much else changes but it isn't against their terms anymore. ~yay!

So more or less I been back in Allods for around 2 weeks now. PVP content is nice but being a step behind everyone since I was gone for a couple months sucks. Gotta slowly catch up now D:

Also on Allod note, guild dramaz ensuing. I can say lots and lots about this subject but it would only put more oil on the fire and I don't wanna do that to Tri.... or do I? Either way, many ways to handle this, or shoulda been handled. Shouldn't backseat leadership when I handed it off and then go on hiatus for a couple months. Hope Valiance pushes through, after all that is now Rozetri's guild not Rain that was passed off XD

Also finally added 2nd author (author we shared was Rain) which is Pearz. That way it is easier for me and don't need to keep swapping accounts when I want to read my email. Shoulda done this a long time ago but apprently I was to lazy to do 5 mins of clicking till now.

So with a lengthy random rant I'll do more Anime-ish part now:

Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai ( Or Oreimo for short)

Overall this anime started very strong. Standard Tsundere like character with random average guy that seems to have a harem but oblivious to the fact. Pretty average scenario lately in animes. Now the twist here was that the sister was the one that was a huge otaku. The jokes and everything were funny to begin with as time went, things changed dramatically. All I felt for the sister was pure hatred. She was a bitch to the core. Totally ignoring anything the brother did, raging for retarded minuscule things, just being a general Bitch about everything. If that was my sister, I would have just ignored her and told her to screw off. Which brings me to the brother. The fact that he even PUT UP with it made me hate him worse then the sister. He had a clear group of girls that liked him and he was all like "omgz I don't really care right now". Sadly he cares enough to do somthing about his sister though and put up with pure abuse ~sigh sigh.

In the end, the 2 main charaters pissed me off to no extent. Only redeeming charater was Kuroneko. Especially with this amazing ending scene.

Was SOOOOO Kawaii, almost redeemed the whole show a bit then 1 final scene showed that remembered why I hated it so much. What a bitch..... and how whipped is he?

Either way I believe purely hating this still got me to finish. I think it's my inner mind going "It can't get worse right?" Sadly I was wrong, it could get much worse. File this one up with 1 of those I hate with a burning passion, I wouldn't recommend to anyone. See if their extra 4 eps OVA will be any better........ though I doubt it.................

I'll do review of MM! later.