Anything you can do Rho can do too?

So my short story took probably........... 8 hours combined minus the mass procrastination. I challenged Rho that she couldn't write one in an hour. At least not a decent one, and she couldn't. It took roughly 1 hour and 30 mins but I guess close enough. So here it is, Rho's take on Rozetri XD

The sun-touched ruins of Asee-Teph lay undaunted by the fire's wicked dance; passionately did the fire dance, dancing to a symphony of silk and steel. Bark peeled and grass folded over and blackened as the oppressive heat washed over them.

A battle cry rang through the forest, echoed by another, and then another, then more until they blurred into one another and became incapable of differentiation. It was the end call, to gather the able-bodied after a skirmish. A call answered only by the victorious, to march on.

Surrounded by lifeless Orcs stood Rozetri, wiping blood off her blade with the singed tatters of her guild cape. Warriors bearing the Crest of Valiance emerged from the fog and fume around her. They were scattered by the fight, and they now re-gathered.

Dust and ash were strewn into the air by a powerful burst of magic; from within the now-cascading dust emerged Pearz, rifting into existence.

“That was no scouting party,” she commented, seeking confirmation.
“We seem to be nearing the main Orc Warband,” answered Rozetri, tossing aside her torn guild cape. “Lieutenent!”
“Ma'am?” Another cloaked figure emerged from the still-gathering group.

“Count the survivors. Then get them ready to continue.”
The group marched on, into the direction of visible destruction, into a battle that would define the era. They numbered in the twenties, still maintaining the battle strength of nearly a full battalion.

As they trekked on, they came across remains of fresh fights, League Banners shredded and bloodied, dragged through the mud, sightless eyes gazing at them as they trespassed. Orcs and Elves alike, lying cold and submerged in mud and ash. Rozetri ordered the banners of the fallen to be raised in their wake, to pay respect for the warriors that paved the path with their lives.
The forest opened up into a clearing; the trace of battle was not lost to this place. A single banner swayed in the still air of the clearing. Pearz stopped dead in her tracks as she recognized the banner that bore the Crest of Rain.

“What took you so long?” a familiar voice sounded. As strained as it was, it was deafening in the silence. Rho stood there leaning against upturned soil, the banner in her arms and draping over her shoulder.

“Get a healer over he-” Rozetri began to shout behind her.
“Which direction?” Pearz interrupted.
Rho pointed towards an edge of the clearing. “The forest ends just beyond there. The battle has already begun.”

“Make sure she survives,” instructed Rozetri to the healer. Looking at Rho, “As soon as you can crawl, crawl into battle!”

The group hurried in the direction that Rho had pointed. The group burst out of the forest and was greeted by the blinding rays of the dusking sun. As their vision adjusted, they laid witness to the true battle.

The silhouette of the Empire Main Camp perched on the astral shores of Asee-Teph. Amidst the backdrop of the sinking sun, the League and Empire warriors locked in a battle to the death. The prize of this battle was the Imperial docks, and along with it the foothold into Nezebgrad.

“Look upon it, men!” Rozetri drew her sword. “With Tensess' blessing, we've come this far! Like water, the Imps crash onto the ever enchroaching shores that is the League battalions!”

She pointed her gaze with her sword, towards the Empire Camp. “We stand now a sword's length away from their final bastion on our hollowed soil. They look tired, and weary, standing on the edge of the allod gazing into the abyss of the astral.”

Rozetri looked back at her battalion, the Crest of Valiance glistening in the sunlight.
Looking sinister, she commanded them, “Run them into the abyss.”


So now you read both ( I hope) our stories, vote on the side which you think its better. (hint: It's mine)