So MM finished airing almost a full week ago but hey, better late then never?

So these were 1 of those animes where I questioned the premise alot. I mean a story about a guy who is a super masochist and wanted it to be cured seemed a little .................. sketchy

I guess personally, a bit of SM isn't bad but something too extreme makes me go wtf. Though that isn't very relevant so onto about this anime.

Overall I liked it alot. The characters provided tons of fanservice with different cosplays every Eps.
I mean here is a couple of Mio:

I mean this is a different tier of fanservice. Most just use a billion panty and ero shots. This one takes slightly more effort designing different cosplays for the characters. I actually enjoyed seeing the cast change costumes almost every eps. The humor in it was pretty good . I was laughing through most of it. Only dislike for this series was really some times the S&M was to over the top. Felt it was kinda WTF but I know their are those crazy people that enjoy it (sick people shame on you). Guess I have my limits to what I can consider funny and what is just plain wrong. The only real character I could dislike in this series was Yuno for being so WTF. "I'm scared guys but fell in love with main character" was kinda annoying to me sometimes. At least she was honest with her feelings unlike Tsundere Mio. Guess that's what makes her Tsundere lolz.

Either way humor is all you need in animes like these and it definitely had it. From cross dressing to absolutely random things, they all made me laugh and that is what matters. Tatsukichi's altered ego was still my favorite character I seen in a while. Definitely worth watching, hope they give it a sequel. The ending was a bit open ended giving them space to expand. If only they would pick up more light novels like these over crap like Oreimo, the world would be a better place. ~ 8/10

Side Note: Can't tell if my vote got skewed since all the vote's for Rho's story popped up overnight. Pretty easy to vote more then once D: Note to self: install IP tracker in voter

Final Note: Merry Christmas people!