From the depths of despair rises the dragon?

So for any others of you that attempted to play Forsaken World yesterday, you were in for a big surprise. Basically signing up early and the beta keys do not guarantee you into the first phase of CB.
So this has lost the meaning of "CB":
CB originally meant not everyone could play. Hence the "closed" part of it. Elite testers would get selected to post about bugs and such for the game while everyone else waits patiently for an OB to play.
Beta keys were handed out as events so the most diehard fans could get a chance to play it a bit.
With time most games lost this meaning Now CB for games are handed out in the billions and anyone that wants to join a game can easily get one. This is nearly no different from OB except games can now drop OB forever to avoid some liability. (though this is a whole different can of worms)
Now you come to FW, which totally lost the meaning of beta keys. Having a limited number of participants for CB is the original purpose but WHY MAKE USELESS KEYS? You enter a beta key that does nothing except give false hope to players thinking they can play come CB. I mean I was shocked to find I couldn't play yesterday and they beta key meant nothing. This has strayed so far from the original purpose of CBs and Keys. I mean I wouldn't be pissed if they didn't mislead me to believe I could play, mainly the lack of clarification was what hit hard. I was sad for a FULL HOUR staring at other people QQ on forums. So much spam in 1 hour, was pretty funny.

But this morning I came across something that made me happy. Pretty sure no one remembers but roll back 3 months, when I was still anticipating Soul Master I came across another game worth playing, Loong. Apparently the CB started yesterday, can't wait to try it today. (for those that don't know "Loong" sounds exactly like dragon in Chinese hence why game is hugely based on dragons and blog title)

For now Rho is in game and I can't yet and this is news from it:
It has 1 amazing feature like Megaten, no classes, instead your class is more based on skill tree. The jump in the game is real (~yay!)
There is stat points!?!??!?!!? I don't get it but every new age MMO has removed stat points. Why must we simplify things??? I love stat points.
The Quest autowalk system suppose to be really good. Color code the things so you can tell which are NPCs and which are mobs.

This is all what Rho says and I haven't tried it yet, either way, psyched to try this later tonight.

Other note: I rushed to beat Super Robot Taisen Og Saga: Endless Frontier on my DS (wanted to finish before FW came out which I failed to do but had plenty of time when I couldn't play FW)
Really long and fun game. Gotta be really good on the timing of attacks, the random encounters seemed less of a grind this way. Only thing was this game took a long time to play due to large amount of talking and billions of boss fights that each eat like 30 mins. Either way, loved the game though it was filled with fanservice, sigh, heavy Japanese culture game.

Vindictus patch came out early yesterday with introduction of their 3rd character, Evie. Normally I would be jumping for Joy but this is the crappier version of her. She is still mage only at this point. It isn't until later she is able to be a scythe user with a teleport for a dodge. Played her a bit to know I prefer Fiona over a have baked mage D:

Don't know why I keep posting about FF14 even though I didn't even try the beta, but since all eyes are watching and waiting for it to crash and burn, here:

That is their server stats for players logging in per day. Chunked off 18% of their player base in 20 days and during this time period they even extended the free trial period too. ~tsk tsk