So almost a week since last update

So played Iris for quite some time. In the end I realized that my initial choice for Pearz was the best. If I play Iris in Open beta, I will be a elf adventurer. My main toon for Iris made it to level 35 gladiator. Basically I stopped when GMs started handing out level 35 + 10 weapons to players. I was 1 of the few people that got one but it totally skews the balance of PVP. No point leveling my "main" character up to be wiped so done Iris for now. Got a pretty good grasp of all the gameplay stuff now.

For now, Forsaken World comes out on Wednesday. Looks decent and I would want to be a god (since I am already one XD) in that game.

Decided for the time between Iris and FW I ave picked up Super Robot Taisen Og Saga: Endless Frontier. Getting my ass kicked by this game but it is fun.

Side note: learned that Blizzcon happened this weekend. Showing Blizzard Dota (another one enters the power struggle for Dota fans) which I probably won't try.

The bigger news is the Diablo 3 news. With all the videos they showed, it makes me think the game is pretty much complete. Has got me thinking how badly I want to play D3. D3 might actually be a reality soon and not just a dream like every other Blizzard game........... unless were getting our hopes up again...............