So tried Loong this week and kinda don't know what to think about it. The login screen actually looks amazing.

To bad the loading screen was absolutely horrid. They had to change it within a day of game launching from to many people complaining. (it was a girl cosplaying with a sword)

The game in general was decent and the graphics were good. I think they even had set PVP events or something about capture towns and such that kept announcing.

The game had many features I usually look forward to, but for some reason the graphics don't come together and is turning me off.

I mean the backgrounds look amazing:

Chars look good too:

Problem in city and stuff together, everything looks out of place. The game is also been made extremely simple so when I hit a wall where I didn't know where to go I kinda stopped and never started again.

Either way I don't know what is really wrong with it, since it has most the features I wanted, just kinda didn't come together correctly.