Soul Master Hiatus over

Been a long time since I made so many posts in such a short time but here goes.

Probably shortest break from a game I ever taken. With Rho playing with me now too, I can bounce ideas for builds and strategies with her, makes a big difference.

Though atm she sucks, I'm sure she will improve quickly :O Though I still despite being a Priest but I will probably finish leveling to 30 before trying another class. Probably Bearcat. It is more fun to fail with someone else then all alone XD

So I was intending to move the blog to wordpress. I even had like 1/3 of the work done, but then I hit a brick wall. Apparently does not support Java script, what this means is I can't upload either of my shoutboxes to this site. I would need to register with a Web hoster for my own domain to be able to. The advertised site for 2 years at 2 dollars a month isn't bad but not sure if I want to commit real money to it. Main problem is I would want to just keep using my my own DNS (the page I use here) and Shiki can't seem to retrieve the login info.

Maybe I'll consider wordpress again in the future, but at this point I'm cheap and lazy. It is still alot of work to convert everything I want. I can live with blogspot for now, though I did like the editor for wordpress even though I sucked with it.

As for Allods, I feel less drive to even run heroics for Allods anymore. I have only up to Blight unlocked but don't really feel like unlocking last 2 heroics. Just feel my character is finally "complete" (even though I'm still 5% from hitting 42 for the pass like week lulz)