God another post INSANITY

Think since the blog started, I have yet to update it this frequently but I think I figured out how to play my priest. Instead of focusing on my hero like many others do, as a priest I focus on my units. As such The +s in my gear let me fast tech the 2nd tier of units giving me an advantage over the first tier stuff. With my gear now I can fast tech out Tier 2 stuff in time they take to get their first tier. Then focus on buffing and healing, I can let my army do the work.

Alas the weakness of priest lack of AOE feels almost remedied. My priest finally hit level 30 so today I decided to finish my Allod char to 42 too. I was sitting at 5% from 42 for over a week. Now both characters are kinda - complete.

As of now I love my new fast teching build, seems to work wonders. Probably try out the other 2 classes since I got bugged money in game anyways.

So some notes about Soul Master:
Jap Soul Master - Apparently it is run in JP by an Aeria games hmmmmm........ guess they expanded a branch into the JP market too. Makes me wonder why you would publish a game in 1 market but not in the other. Doesn't seem like were even far behind them in content too. Their CB was in April (4 month gap) but our CB actually includes all the content up to what they have.

Another interesting note is the game SHOULD use game guard. If you look in your folder where Soul Master is installed, their is a sub folder named gameguard that is unused in the booting of the game. So did they disable it for the CB? Makes me wonder.

So I have semi-faith the hackers might be gone by open beta which is a pretty big deal. The big grueling Gameplay issues left is :

Lack of classes, a horried text limit on chat box, and an abundance of bugs that hopefully will be fixed.

At least we know more classes come later right?

Side note: updated the links on side of blog that were horribly outta date.