So close yet so far

So today I decided to stop playing Soul Master. I reached Level 27, still could have made it to be first 10 to 30 but alas today was an aweful day to play. My Win-lose Ratio went from around 70% to 60%. Winning only 1/7 of my matches today.

So these are reasons why I will take a Hiatus:
1. Kinda hits you when you realize everyone else running matches with set teams, and your stuck alone. Leaves you at a huge disadvantage.

2. Bugs bugs bugs. I know it is a CB, but their are so many issues, that I don't think it will be fixed by the time they want to release it.

3. The gender locking and lack of classes. The lack of Variety starting to really turn me off

4. Me being a Priest. As everyone gears up to the high end gear, you got Bearcats and knights aoeing all your souls instantly, while priests can't. Leaves you at sever disadvantage. I don't want to roll the other classes due to gender locking either.

5. Same thing again and again. Like FPS or dota like games, each match starts exactly the same. Due to this, it gets boring fast.

It could be cause I got owned today but still. After the New game shine wears off, the problems seem to be more glaring and unignoreable. I also hate being a support class. Still reliant on the team to pull me through. Rho is gonna start trying it tonight, see what she thinks. Might be different if I got someone else to play with.

To bad still don't see any other MMOs worth playing.

Side note: the over-hyped Black Rock shooter OVA seemed to be kinda a flop. The animation was amazing, to bad the story was Disjunct.

Also seems to be shutting down soon. I hate using Mangafox but guess I'll have to live with it D: