Why Do I Still Blog About MT? +Saga

Soez~ Recently, there has been PVP dramaz in the PVP Alliance thread. It's pretty funny stuff, but does, in the Pearz Book of Drama, it really live up to its predecessors?

Here is a small trip down Memory Lane of the old skool MT dramaz: Mini Succubus Wings, Cursebringer, Crystal Sword, Suzaku Earrings, Attacker Cards, Roping Scarf, and PVP - Arkham Creed. (The thread was deleted from Rants and Raves, if you forgot.)

Some small time dramaz: ULTIMATE GUNNER GUIDE from Kaito, and Sally - Origin drama.

So, does some small drama over incense between Cata and Kenj really constitute as proez dramaz now? How far has MT Dramaz fallen? T_T The forums, from what I've noticed, have slowed down significantly. ...a lot less posts, maybe due to a lot less players? Or maybe players have become less vocal lately? Either way, it seems less fun without the more proez dramaz. D:

On a side note: I finally beat Sands of Destruction (for DS; it's something that I only ever mentioned in my own chatbox). It was a pretty fun game; worth playing, at least. Too bad it didn't live up to the hype of how amazing it was supposed to be - still, decent at the least.

Now, to continue the Saga after a long hiatus:


As Rho trudged through Babel, she knew who to look for but not their current location. Sitting down for some much needed rest at the fountain, she noticed a redish-black [TL note:1] puff in the midst of the shrubs.

I think I found one.

Quickly lunging at it with her dagger, a man dressed in green and black leaped back. He quickly started floating as he stood in a readied position.

Tch, the Cloak of the Abyss. That's going to make it harder for me to catch him. Got to get him off his guard.

"Who are you? Are you with the Frobros?" Rho asked.

"I'm Force...and what the hell are the Frobros?" he responded.

"So what's with the hair? Around these areas, you will be mistaken. Not a particular good thing, if you ask me."

"I was just passing by. After all, I'm done cash-whoring this world, so I was leaving for Allods anyway."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

Without answering, the man had already floated away.

Sigh, this town and all these freaks. Better get searching again. I want to be out of here as soon as I can.

After Rho mindlessly wandered around the town, haphazardly beating information out of the locals for hours, she had finally found it. Staring up from an underpass at a deserted bridge, she saw the puffs of the Frobros just barely in sight.

She stealthily snuck up to the bridge so that she could hear their conversation.

"So, we are in agreement? We will be changing the order of our morning Fro care. Wash, rinse lather, condition and then let it dry naturally," said the man with the red Fro.

The others nodded.

"Okay then, onto the next important topic. Should we consider changing our Fro colours to match the holidays and seasons?" asked the man with red Fro again.

Tch. Are there any sane ones in this town? I need to get out of here before I become like these freaks.

She lunged at the man with the red Fro. With ease, she held him down with her knife at his throat. The other men with Fros quickly backed up in fear.

"No mistaking it this time. You guys are the Frobros?" Rho asked sharply.

The three men with Fros assumed what could only be a battle pose after hearing the question.

"Yes, we are. Frobros... The Fros show our bro-ness," the one with the pink Fro responded.

Rho stared out with disbelief at the corny battle stance and slogan.

Do they really have what I want?

"Could you let our bro go?" the one in pink continued.

"Just didn't want to take the chance that you would try and escape. I'll let him go when I get what I want."

"So, what do you want?"

"Answers. I know you guys have ears everywhere. Where can I find Pearz?"

"She was chasing something through here a couple of hours ago. Last I saw, she was heading for the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building."

Tch. That accursed place. I didn't want to have to go back there if I didn't need to.

Knocking the man with the red Fro unconscious, Rho dashed off towards the said building.

"A 'thank you' would have been nice!" the man with the pink Fro screamed out. There was no answer.

TL note [1] : We couldn't remember if Force's Fro was black or red, so we (as in, I) settled for both.