The Slaughtering of Lndi

Even as the sounds of the horns blared, the battle had begun.

Lndi was unprepared for the opponent he had encountered. Unsuspecting, he sent units to capture the area; little did he know a battalion lay in wait for his weak infantry. Quick to bring in reinforcements to stave off what was slaughtering his infantry, he pushed back the other general's forces back to the choke point - or so he thought.

As quickly as the units had backed away, the real fight arrived. The units merely were an advanced reconnaissance unit, withdrawing back to give way to the main force.

With one swift strike, Lndi's lines crumbled. Units in disarray were running wild. All units, in full retreat, dashed back to headquarters. With Pearz' army right outside Lndi's doorstep, there came a fatal error. Pearz, with an overwhelming large force, attacked amidst the rain. Buzzing with sheer overconfidence, she attacked even without view of the units.

However, attacking blindly, the units were not found, leading to a devastating counter blow. The strike force was left in ruins, retreating with very few remaining.

In the outskirts of town, Pearz set up camp. It was the calm between the battle. For days, the battle stopped; both sides needed time to reinforce. With most of the map already controlled by Pearz' army, Lndi was holed up in his base, sucking his thumb, cowering in the corner, awaiting the impending doom.

Then the day of reckoning came. The sky was blackened. As the bombs showered from the sky like rain, all that was left was a land laid to ruin. With a sole helicopter, Lndi tried in vain. As missiles shot from the ground, so were shot the last remains of Lndi's army.

Nothing was left but a field of corpses. The battle was over. Like an ant being killed by a magnifying glass, there was never a battle at all...just a useless struggle.