Au Revoir Cloud 9...And Extra


Pearz Edit: Luckily, I left the link to the original posting of my thread. As I suspected, the thread was hidden (swept under the rug =p) on the main forums. Only the link here will lead you back to the original post. More reason to not go back; censorship ftl.

Lately, I've been logging into Cloud 9 less and less. Most recently, it has just been for Nation Wars and party matches (for my sub). Here is the final summary of my thoughts for C9:

1) The Cost
Normal everyday items I've found are fairly priced. The problem comes when upgrading. Assuming you trade off the rest of the contents of the bigger EXP package for Lucky Tags (so you can have the Perfect Protection Tag since buying them in-game is nearly impossible)
Average cost of upgrading:
+2 to +3 (~75%) = 1 Lucky Tag = $6.50
+3 to +4 (~30%) = 2 Lucky Tags + 2 Perfect Protection Tags = $46
+4 to +5 (~15%) = 3 Lucky Tags + 3 Perfect Protection Tags = $69 [= $121.50, basically, for a +5 weapon]
+5 to +6 (~10%) = 3 Lucky Tags + 3 Perfect Protection Tags = $115 (seriously, just for one upgrade...)

That's just to upgrade one item. If you're upgrading your entire armor set, that ends up being a lot of money. The problem is that this system rewards the cash shop spenders too much. Attaining such high +es is pretty much impossible for players that don't spend a lot (or anything) and the gap between a hugely +ed gear and average gear is way too much to ignore. The damage is nearly doubled, as well as doubling the defense.

2) Player Base
The number of players in C9 is pretty low. When you go through Kanto a few times, you realize it is literally the same couple of people every time. Half of the time, you can't even find a player levelling outside on the field. With such a small player base, the game is much less fun compared to when team fights could occur anywhere while levelling. Currently, the only team fights that occur are outside towns; it's almost never just two groups trying to level and then running into each other.

3) The GMs
They are nearly non-existent in the game. It's wouldn't be hard to convince me that the game has no GMs. That first GM action was what I saw today, when they immediately deleted 3 of Taer's posts. Pretty funny. XD

4) The Content
Within two months, I feel I've already explored all the content. Not only that, but I've nearly hit the level cap and all that is left is to farm (Fame, money, etc). The problem lies in the fact that I know I can't beat Onatha in Fame. It's impossible to top her Fame without stooping to the same level. For that reason, I've stopped hunting (which I did enjoy, but it just feels meaningless if Fame is meaningless). I could overtake Onatha in Fame using questionable methods, but I wouldn't feel like I won a victory. There's pretty much nothing to do but the Nation Wars...

End Note: It was a short and fun run while it lasted, but it just doesn't seem to satisfy my needs in an MMO. If you want to still find me (since pretty much no one figured it out), my signature links to my personal blog. Cheers~


The first half was filtered for the C9 forums' censorship "rules". Some more things that I wanted to add would have gotten the thread deleted for sure.

1) Retarded Forum Mods Are Coming
Starblaze and 11da/Lyconis/phionixstyle are our two mods for the forums. Just look at how ridiculous they make themselves out to be. I think they do a great job showing how retarded they are and I don't need to comment any further.

2) The 1:1 Inquiry System
...takes ages. I guess you get used to GMs as being more present, as in Megaten and DOMO, so it's shocking gwhen GMs in C9 don't even log in. Seriously, this is a big issue. The censorship is hilarious, too. Speaking earlier about the 3 deleted threads by Taer:
Thread 1 that got deleted and you can see only my last post. D: (The backup of the threads stored here, in case it gets deleted.)
Thread 2 is here. It was just hidden and not deleted, so I can still link to it. It is saved here, in case it is deleted also.
Thread 3 was actually deleted but really had nothing. at the response. Taer does have a logical argument about his banning, but meh. The GMs like to play God, disappearing and doing whatever they want. They could instead actually log-in and ban the botters, but that would be too much hassle, no?

It's too bad I didn't backup the thread dedicated to getting Taer banned; it was EPIC!! It was a compilation of all of Taer's awsomez quotes flaming people. God, I couldn't stop laughing when I read it. I mean: sure, Taer flamed the crap out of people, but that hardly warrants perma-bans for flaming.

Either way, here's the link to my post on the C9 forums. (This is mainly for my own reference.) C9 is pretty much done for me; now to see if all the hype about Allods lives up.

Unrelated: Keep up the comment spam on my last post! XD I'm going to make another MT-related post about it tomorrow during class.