Enter Pearz: Mark Cloud 9

First, some Megaten stuff. The new patch, Lord of Flies, is just around the corner. Judging by the announcement end date, it will come in a week or so. At least I was right about them adding the patch as a "Christmas Present"; just guessed wrong on a patch in between .T_T Oh well. I can't be right all the time. (What!?)

I finally hit 150 DFQ yesterday; going to slowly roll a Ram Zodiac to put in my Yukata to kill the Nightmare Kirin even faster? Though lately, I'm too busy grinding Cloud 9 rather than Megaten.

Tanarin got GS for GF; gratz! Cervios got GS for GF too, which is bleh. Funnier news: Yuki didn't get GS. lulz

Cloud 9 time! So, I just hit max the cap, lv35, an hour ago. Time to expand on some of the stuff I hadn't tampered much with earlier.

There are three different types: jewel, metal, and alchemy. You can only specialize in one; I'm a Jewel Crafter. You spam your craft with mats that you mine and those that drop from mobs. Nothing too amazing, but crafting is crafting.

Since this is important to me, I'll touch up on it. I guess I was overly dulled by the subclass system letting me down. The limitation of skill points doesn't start hitting until you're about lv30, and I presume that it only gets worse as you level further. (There are more skills to choose from when you level up further.) So your character does have some uniqueness in terms of its skills, but the subclass and race subtrees are still pretty bland. You have to level your sub to get points for the subtree though, so that's double the levelling. To offset the zero quests left for your subclass, it receives double EXP when levelling (or so I read; it's untested by me).

All in all, to the customization system I'm pretty indifferent; nothing amazing or horrid.

The important stuff now. I am, by no means, a "veteran" of PVP in this game; I've just had some small encounters. I haven't PVPed clearly enough to know what class is imba, or such and such specifics about PVP, but here are the basics.

1. Your damage is reduced by around half to 1/3 in PVP.

2. The worst fact is that LEVEL MATTERS TOO MUCH. With only a 2-level difference (33 and 35), I still get slaughtered. (That 'cause every 5-level interval, you get new skills that turn the whole balance.) To elaborate more on this: even in PVE, monsters do double damage if the gap is 2 levels more, and at 3 levels it does around 4x damage. On the flip side, if you fight monsters lower, your crit rate seems to go through the roof to almost pure crits. Levels matter way too much, unlike in Megaten. <.<

3. The Law vs Chaos - I mean, the Primus vs Ganav drama is already in place; just look here. In less than 24 hours, the thread got 5 pages of flame. lulz It's the most active thread on their forums. It's like the Megaten PVP drama on a whole new level. XD

4. You are forced into Open PK dungeon maps for some quests. This is good and bad. Good: players higher level can farm fame. Bad: if you're the one questing, then hope that you're hiding in a corner. D: At least you lose nothing but a bit of fame and maybe some pride/ego by dying. No real substantial loss.

Some other stuff about the game: I love the "cannon" travel system. For an extremely cheap price, you can be shoot out of a cannon to a closer location to where you're levelling. This cuts down your travel time significantly, so it's very much liked. XD (That's the canon in the picture at the top.)

No, neither Rho nor I have started a guild. It costs way too much, and we don't think it gives any real benefit other than a way to chat in-game. lulz

The mount system, as I learned, is interesting. You can have a mount (which has its own HP bar), so you start taking only 50% damage, with the remaining damage transferring to your mount. The consequence is that you do 70% of your normal damage. You get a bit of increased move speed, but is the trade-off worth it? (Aaro Note~ : For a support character, such as the cleric that heals and buffs, being permanently mounted is a must.) At least another layer of choice, be it defensive or offensive. Mounts found later on also boost different attributes; some boost attack, others speed, and so on. Now, if only they actually implemented those less ugly mounts...

I'll stick to the game for a bit longer, see how it goes.

Since the US players seem totally inadequate and retarded on the forums, I won't post it there. For any Megaten people trying it out, there are two Wiki's that have pretty much all the info you need to know. I prefer the first one; seems more complete.

(Aaro Note~ : They're both translated from Japanese.)