Guild : Make~!

So Rain has been made in Cloud 9. Our official date is December 26th - or maybe it was the 27th. I wouldn't know; the guild was made while I was asleep. >_>

Where did the money come from?! After all, as we all know, Rho and Pearz are perenially poor while I only sometimes have that 10M. Well, we picked up a whole bunch of useless (to us) rares on our dungeon run and, after lots and lots of questioning her intents, Pearz finally sold them all. So she went ahead and made the guild. And, for that reason, she's Vice Guild Master? I claimed Guild Master for myself, because Rho didn't care either way and because I will do everything in my power to take everything Pearz holds dear. >)

Guild recruitment isn't really open for now. We just wanted "Rain" above our heads so Ganav (the other faction) would know who exactly was oppressing them. (Ah, look at me talk big when I'm just the support. ><;;) After all, being known as the "fruit gang" was a little unwanted (and, again, I will take everything from Pearz that I can).

Recruitment isn't open because being in Rain right now while levelling in the Kanto area is nothing but a death sentence. The way I see it: Ganav (and, for all intents and purposes, Etenity our archnemesis) is facing humiliation at being hunted by only two people, so they'll go around PKing everyone else to strike fear in their hearts. Finding someone with Rain above their head that they can easily kill is just an awesome ego boost. Maybe I'm wrong, but being Guild Master has made my head swell shamelessly.

That said, Indi somehow managed to horn his/her/its way in. I was against it for the above reason, Rho told me that it would take a long time for him/her/it to reach Kanto, and that was that. I suspect she'll talk me into inviting more people with the same argument. v_v

One final note: Pearz, you're really a bad scout. Using that word to describe you is an attack on the English language. That is all.

~Aaro off