Castlevania Comes to Megaten!

So, if you don't know, the J-Server is getting some huge patch called Chain of Curse. With Fifi gone, there is little information on this patch and its contents. I decided to browse the J-Server's forums, and these seem to be the the relevant posts about what the patch is semi-about.

Side note: My ego is through the roof with 2 different topics, here and here, about me in general, both within a week. Wah? /explodes

(Aaro Note~ : I'm sorry for what is to follow. I don't know the original Japanese to translate any better/coherently, and I don't know how to decipher bad English this way. Suman. T_T)

-Story -
Shinjuku Babel. It was held under the name of God
Tokio degree in overcoming the destruction of two large
We hope that people will play as a symbol of
Ground is the name given to the 666-story edifice.

I was a huge building illustrations and writing that seems to be in the building itself or Babel or Babel ...
That site also something to ...


Oops --
I was convinced that it is seen from Ikebukuro Metropolitan
(60, Sunshine House Toyotaamurakku Warudoinpotomato left)
Implementation were under the impression that it's beyond doubt Ikebukuro

Thank you for answers --
I think that I Ikebukuro --
Babel and building site seems to be different.
The chimney of the incinerator is also visible in the back --
That city has one vote in Ikebukuro

What was written as 20XX years Ikebukuro

Demonikasutsu the abstract (or Guardian system?) The goods Rashiki
It is likely to be implemented ^ ^

From the looks of it, a map called Ikebrkuro (
イケブクロ in Japanese) is going to be added. The players have some concern about using bikes (or having to use them?) in that area, apparently. Engrish is hard. All I can tell is that it seems to be new Acts, and a lot of people on the forums are asking if xx demon will be implemented with this patch. Seems like there's very little info about the patch - or, at least, on the forums - that seems to be known. A lot of it is just people speculating things.

I posted here rather than on the main forums 'cause I'm forcing you to load this page instead. I'm kool like that.

On a side note: last night, with all the GF talk, I decided to look around and see what other MMOs are out there. I came across this interesting MMO called Cloud 9.

It meets my requirements like so:
1. Customiziation. Six classes that each have their own skill tree, three races that each get their own skill tree, and then you can sub one of the six classes for another skill tree. Sounds promising.

2. New. Open Beta only just began on Nov 25/09.

3. And all that rest of jazz that MMOs should have > PVP!!, Auction House, Mounts, Pets, PVP!!!...and other stuff. Also, there are some features to create your own dungeon; don't know how it works, though.

I haven't tried it yet; I'm going to try it tonight so that I'll have a review about it sometime later. Looks promising.