Weekly Boredom Update

So this week, nothing new happened that's worth mentioning. I'm doing the FC Review first, since I'm going to start using my super lazy format.

You can see the FCs here.

Jolt's Pew Pew FC - 300AP
First, a note about this FC: Look here; we actually got the fillers from the 60CP version and had it priced at 300AP. (The Top Prize ratio seems to be the 30CP rates, though.)
Top Prize: new set with amazing stats. The other top prizes are decent, so = 9/10.
Medium Prize: Half-baked stuff that doesn't sell for much, so = 4/10.
Fillers: Roaring Passion flood. <.< So = 5/10.

Overall = 7/10.

(Aaro Note~ : Pearz. Seriously. Delete my comments if you've fixed the problem already; I know you read this. =__=)

(By the way, here's the J-version of the FC.)
Pointy Objects? FC - 600AP
Top Prize: Lots of decent sets, so = 8/10.
Medium Prize: Fail. All those weapons all fail hard. So = 1/10.
Fillers: Actually, incenses, repairs and sequencers aren't bad. I would take them over the medium prize. So = 8/10.

Overall: 6/10.

The J-Server FC can be found here! (Gonna start posting this too, for those that don't check.) It comes out every Thursday.

So, seriously not much random stuff this week...

It has been close to a month since Rho posted the last chapter of her Saga story thing. Go bother and pester her for it, or I'll post my crazy continuations again. (Aaro Note~ : Remember! You can tell her in-game [Rho] or PM her on forums [RhoRho]. Do it now!)

My PVP event has begun. If you are participating, please make the attempts to contact your opponent so you can set-up your match.

Random Fact #1: JonGhost is REALLY pro at DOTA, and is full of pwn. Seriously, that's way too good of a player. D:

Random Fact #2: I fail at S4 Chaser Mode. I tried it today and I fail hard. All I am good for is swords-only death matches. D:

And lastly, from Pearz' Conspiracy Corner:

Notice the two new promos that have been posted? One is the 50% cash-back and the other is the buy-4-get-1-free FC. Now, if you've been following the promo trend, we tend to get our Tier Promo/Raffle/Top Spender on Fridays for the weekend, to push in a bit more sales before the new FCs roll in again. (Incidentally, every time they add new Item Mall stuff, it is Thursday, if you noticed.) So, this time, the promo stops short and ends on Friday, before the weekend, so you might be thinking, "...wtf?!"

Here is the idea; I've seen it happen a couple time before, from Aeria. They are pushing for these promos to make people buy and spend now - and then, come weekend, they'll roll out one super-duper promo that everyone will want to participate in. Why? 'Cause it is the end of the month. They probably have some kinda monthly quota to reach and they haven't reached it. They're bring out these "double up" and basically mediocre promos first, and then they'll finish it with a super promo to get you to spend double your amount, to reach their quotas.

What does this mean? Recharge for 60% bonus cash, and then wait for the super promo to roll out, for the end-of-month special.

Pearz' Prediction of Aeria Content Updates:
Demon Request - Start of October
Next Big patch - December, as the one-year anniversary, as well as the Christmas gift

You guys may or may not recall this post that I made two months back. Notice the Frontier Set is in the January 09 FC, which is way off the time gap we usually get with J-Server's FCs (around one-year gap). Maybe my conspiracies do hold some water after all...